v0.11.1 Released!

v0.11.1 is out for Patrons!

Like all Test Versions this won’t see a public release, but will be used as a stepping stone for v0.12.

The changelog has been updated once again:

  • Added a new campsite event for Human Princess!
  • Added new animation for HumanP (#1)
  • War Declaration animations added!
  • [NPC]~Babs~ The ingame gallery!
  • [NPC]~Amelie~ A new quest for her!
  • Elite monsters! Stronger and rarer.
  • The first floor of a new dungeon: the Big Large Dungeon!
She’s lurking in the dungeon, you can unlock her room, while waiting for Boogie’s new scene!
  • Traveling NPCs routing improved
    (they can now move between regions without you following their movements)
    (they won’t travel anymore to defeated or “sleeping” reigns)
  • New sprites for many monsters and princesses!
  • New maps for Golem Princess’ tower and throne!
  • Various visual fixes (like the choco-dicks icon over some dialogue windows)


  1. That poll made me nervous when it changed from Gobu to Zoe…personally I'd vote for Yuki/Wolves, but since I'm a poorfag I won't be voting for anything anytime soon. Can't wait for public release!

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