What’s coming next – Table Flipping

Cat Princess’ implementation is proceeding smoothly.
Here’s some of the planned mechanics:

  • Cat Princess’ reign is in the Southern Region, just East of the Moth’s Forest;
  • She will be active since the beginning of the game;
  • Bonus – Night and Temperate season; 
  • Malus – Hot and Rainy seasons;
  • She’ll leave her throne room at night (if it doesn’t rain)… she may visit you if you camp near her place;
  • She’s a hunter, the other beast-like Princesses are in danger if she’s around (mainly Dog, ultimately the Dragon Princesses!).

Other than that, there’s more getting ready for the next Test Release:

  • New Human Princess events and ability;
  • Tweaking affinity gains;
  • New travel routes for the NPCs;
  • Replacing old models with the new ones (see below);

  • Adjusting monster stats and adding more elite variations;
  • Continue working on Golem new place and events.

    Finally, I’m glad to announce that the game now has a Lead Artist, working on portraits of Princesses, units and NPCs, but also on icons and more artsy Towergirls stuff we may need in future (including writing new scenes, when the art’s workload lessens).

    This way the game will have its own unique look, but the old portraits will still be selectable using a menu.

    There’s no need for presentations, welcome to Gats!


    1. We got Gats to work on this?! Daaammmmn. Might have to chip in to the patreon at some point then.

      Quick Question, will the new portraits like Golem's fresh rework, be included, or is that one going to be considered 'old' and replaced as well. Just want to know which are getting replaced, or if all of them are.

    2. All of them are getting replaced, all the ones we had until now won't be the default ones, but you'll be able to select them using a menu.

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