v0.11.2 Release date and Changelog! Golem Princess 3D!

March is coming, and with it so will the rework of the portraits.
But that doesn’t mean we’ll sit idly while waiting for things to get done, in fact, in a little less than a week, a new Test Version will be released.

v0.11.2 will release on March 5 for Patrons and will include several changes, namely:

  • 3rd and 4th Campsite event for Human Princess (4th being an adult scene);
  • New ability for Human Princess (“Block“, like the Knight, but with a twist);
  • Unit Swap. The game world is now populated with the new sprites;
  • Cat Princess reign’s location is in the Southern map. The war/siege mechanics are in their place already;
  • New item: Moth Extract! This powerful aphrodisiac will be rewarded after rescuing Moth Princess from a siege or saving her from one of Dog Princess’ tantrums.
    Use it on a Princess while in the campsite for guaranteed tent-sex (and corruption…);
  • New cheat: Unlock all the animations in Babs’ Gallery;
  • Fixes and tweaks everywhere.
News on the 3D/toys front!

We’re back on it, I’ll start printing tests of Mouse and Golem Princess 3D models a couple weeks from now, to try to find the best possible material we can print the figurines in!

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