v0.11.2 Released!

v0.11.2 is out for Patrons!

This is the updated changelog:

  • Human Princess campsite events #3 and #4 (adult) added!
  • New ability for Human Princess!
  • GolemP X KnightP new animation added to the gallery!
  • New item: Moth Extract! 
  • New cheat: Unlock all adult animations!
  • Human Princess “rape” event reworked!
  • Babs prices for animations increased;
  • New sprites for many monsters and princesses!
  • Swapped world-map sprites with the new ones!
  • CatP reign is locked, but her troops are free to fight other reigns;
  • MothP stats nerfed;
  • Affinity tweaks (fighting for a Princess will make her enemies dislike you now);
  • Fixed Moth->Des sieges;
  • Various typos/bugs fixed.

Just a few words on Human Princess new ability (Block) aaand on the new item (the Moth Extract)!

The new ability could look like Knight’s… well, they end up having the same ability because of what happens in her Campsite Events, but there are some differences you’d want to know:

  1. Knight can block 3 hits without recharging, HumanP can block 5 hits;
  2. Shortly after blocking a hit, Knight can land a sure critical hit, HumanP cannot.
  3. If HumanP Lust is greater than 0, there’s a chance that blocking may… arouse her.
Finally, about the Moth Extract
The Player will recieve it as a reward for saving MothP from one of DogP’s tantrums or after recruiting the moth (just by talking to her in the Campsite).
You can use the Moth Extract once a night to have sex with any Princess, regardless of her Love or Lust scores (but it will increase her Corruption by 1! Use with caution).
Next update will be Cat Princess release!


  1. What animations can be expect, if any, in the next update? Looking forward to some Desert and Goblin Princess stuff–especially involving monsters–but how much do you leave to polls in this area and how much do you work on based on what you're currently interested in?

  2. Next scenes we're working on are 2 for Golem Princess and the Goblin Princess x Wolves one.
    We poll 1 scene per month, the other scenes we're adding are the “rape” ones that play during battles.

  3. Hello I've seen references to the desert princess being transformed into the succubus princess. Is this possible in the game? If so does she have scenes?

  4. Hi.I've encounter dragon princess II multiple times on different playthrougts, but i don't know how to get to her hideout.

  5. Okay, I'm stuck on the Goblin Princess…

    Here's the thing… Both the Moth and Ghost Princesses declared war on her. She had little defenses so she got sieged. Turns out that if she's sieged, you can't really go to save her because one of the sprites is in the way and blocks you.

    Hell, I went in and beat up the orcs, but then I couldn't get out of the area because one of them prevented my progress.

    What do?

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