v0.11 Preview release and… v0.12 announcement!

Sup everyone!

  • v0.11 is about ot go public (25/3)
  • v0.11 (+ patches) is OUT for 1$ Patrons


  •  there’s already so much new content that we’re preparing the next release!

Let’s preview just some of the new things featured in v0.12!

  • Cat Princess

Her reign is the 4th of the southern region, she’s a huntress, catty to the other beast-like Princesses (Dog and Dragon beware) and will be roaming the Towergirls Kingdom at night.

Make sure you pick a safe spot when you camp for the night, she might come visit Knight and his party if you’re near her hunting grounds!

  • The Big Large Dungeon, with its 3 floors full of monsters and dark shit, is ready!
    At the end of it…

Are you sure it’s REALLY a good idea to see it through to the end?
  • Gats new portraits for all the main Princesses!

20+(!) new portraits will be ready for v0.12!
By the time v0.12 releases most of the cast will be redrawn, but we’re preparing to give portraits to monsters and Patron-NPCs too!

  • Dog Princess storyline continues: the Knight will go back to her fallen reign to get her back!
A man and his dog. Time to dive head first into crazy.

This will be the second ending, after Dragon Princess I, of Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest!

Will Knight manage to save Dog Princess from her own insanity, or will he have to deal with her crazy side for all his life?! Will Dog Princess get her vengeance on the dragons??

  • New adult animations for Golem (2) and Goblin (1) Princess! Let’s discover together a golem’s most sensitive spots!
  • Qhala’s Brothel! Sell your Princesses here, they’ll get you money and you’ll train their lewd stats!
  • A bunch of new “Knights INC.” quests!
  • And ships! New sprites! New bosses! New elite mobs!
v0.12 will be released for Patrons by the end of April / beginning of May! 

There’s so much stuff to work on, but we always manage~


  1. v0.11 will release for public users with the patch (fixes the first bugs we found on it), but it won't contain what was added in 0.11.1 and 0.11.2 .

  2. how long till some kind of new game+ feature is released, and how will it work exactly. ive “completed” the game to slime princess and i want to know if i should wait or start again

  3. what are the “bravery” “lewdness” and “malice” points you get at the end of the game

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