v0.11 Public Release! New artworks for all the Princesses!

(EEEEEEE apparently I don’t know how to use Blogger’s scheduled posting, sorry for being 1 day late!)

It’s finally time to release v0.11 for everyone to play!

Here’s the massive changelog:

  • Moth Princess Reign fully implemented!
  • Moth Princess is now recruitable (new Skill for her: Sleep!)
  • Added new “Knights INC” quest: “Tea Party – South” Rank 1
  • Added new “Knights INC” quest: “Ready or not…” Rank 2
  • Added new adult scene and animation: GhostP x HumanP
  • Added new animation for KoboldP (#4)
  • Added new animation for HumanP (#1) <- didn't make it, wait next Test Release
  • Added new sprites (Knight, MothP, DragonP, Moth Boss) 
  • Reworked Moth Princess portraits (fuzzier!)
  • Mappable Gamepad controls!
  • Added new cheats (turn on/off win conditions, christmas presents)
  • Faun’s Tavern back in her normal form
  • You can now sell items at Merchant Princess when she’s in the Tavern
  • Merchant Princess now sells low-tier weapons while in the Tavern
  • Tweaked the NPCs travel routes
  • No more “hot” temperature during night. Normal/rain/hot during day, normal/rain during night.
  • Various typos/bugs fixed

Remember that, if the last version you played was v0.10.3 (the Public Release of v0.10), this new version will also include a truckload more:


  • New adult scene (+ artwork) for Dusk Princess
  • Christmas Tavern!
  • 2 Christmas costumes added (Kobold and Goblin Princess)
  • Moth Princess, minus the interactions with her, is ready
  • Added gamepad support (mappable controls in next version)
  • NPCs can fight/join auctions/be found around the game world
  • Babs can now be found in her hut
  • Qhala can now be found in the worldmap/in the tavern 
  • New HumanP campsite event added!
  • Lots of new sprites!
  • Various typos/bugs fixed


  • New adult scene and animation for AssAssin Princess!
  • Reworked Stats for enemies and party members!
  • The “GPS” of the traveling-NPCs is now working!
  • New SlimeP campsite event added!
  • New InsectP campsite event added!
  • Insects don’t declare war to everyone around them as they surface anymore.
  • Moth Princess’ Reign is now open! Intro scene added!
  • Koboldian Maid costume added!
  • Rank 5 + Rank 8 quests for Humans added (use these to get tier-3 and tier-4 equipments)
  • Slime Princess’ throne map tweaks
  • Various typos/bugs fixed (including the ones of the 03/12 Public Version)


  • Added Slaves Auctions
  • Addeds the 10 first Patron NPCs in the Tavern
  • Added costumes system (for KobP/HumP/GobP/DesP/GhoP)
  • DPI is now rapeable (if you use Dragon Bane on her) during the final fight
  • New KoboldP portraits
  • New sprites (HolstaurP/DriderP/FrogP/Milk Maiden)
  • Added Church BGM
  • Resized GoblinP artworks

    Links for the game: MEGA/Mediafire
    And the patch (place it in the “Patches” folder, making sure it’s the only file in there).

    Changelog for the patch:

    • Fixes Ghost Princess not showing affection correctly in Status Screen
    • Solved various bugs is Ghost Princess’ chamber
    • Fixed screen going black sometimes during Church’s events
    • Tweaked roaming NPCs preferences
    • Fixes Desert -> Ghost siege not happening

    Also, as announced. v0.12, releasing on the 6th of May,  will have new portraits for all the Princesses currently in the game, thanks to our new Lead Artist, Gats.
    Here’s the first batch:

    In a similiar fashon we’ll keep adding portraits for Princesses, monsters and secondary characters, expect 12~14 more for v0.12 release (+ swimsuits, for the 12 Gats made in March, since you guys reached the stretchgoal)!

    Finally, now the blog includes links for the latest Patreon and public versions (check the links at the top of the page) and the ETD of the new releases, both for public users and supporters (to the top-right of each blog page).
     I hope that this way everyone can keep the new releases in check easily!

    Have fun~


    1. I was mid battle, I think I pressed something but I can't remember what and then I couldn't turn. I could move and interact with objects, but I couldn't turn to face any direction other than left.

    2. I also forgot to mention that I could turn on other files, just not on the one I was using at the time. restarting th game did nothing.

    3. Uhm…
      I got stuck in the “human princess fight some thug nig.. i mean troll thug” and the game freezed right after she said” why?”
      pls tell me how to fix that bug

    4. So, I downloaded and played the game last night for a few hours, and then tried to play again today, and it broke?
      It said the Gothic Font was missing, so I grabbed it from the non-lewd game and put it in the Font folder, which fixed that problem. I then started up the game, and it said “Audio/SE/Decision3” is missing. I downloaded the game again, and had the same issue. Is there something I'm missing here, or what? I don't understand what's wrong at all.

    5. your game causes a weird bug.
      when launching the game the display stops recognising the signal/reports “not in optimum mode” with a full black screen besides the error message. never happened in any other game i played including other rpg-maker games.

    6. How do you download this, or do I have to pay to play the public version?

    7. I'm having the weirdest bug, I can't seem to mouseover any settings or even use the WASD keys to move them. All I can do is hit enter to move through it. So I have to press Enter over and over to get through the main menu. New Game, Intro, Character customization. All of it through the Enter button. How can I fix this?

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