March Patreon rewards!

This month’s works have been added to our MASSIVE gallery!

March has been really intense (12 new sets of portraits, animations, Dragon Princess I 3D model, Mimic Princess artworks…), and April will be even busier!
Expect new swimsuits since you guys managed to reach the stretchgoal!

Thank you for the continuous support to this project!


  1. I've run into a problem where there was a mimic in the ice dragon's area, and it survived the combat and has now trapped me in a corner.

  2. Any info on when this game will actually get some new content? Adding one scene every 4-6 months on top of the old buggy mess isn't really that great. Also says you're looking for writers? Yeah, most people watch x-rated movies for the plot.

  3. >Any info on when this game will actually get some new content?

    You mean like this ( and this ( kind of new content?
    These got released 2 and 4 weeks after v0.11 Patreon release, but those aren't versions coming out for public users.
    v0.12 ( will come out for public users during summer (but it's still a month away from Patreon release).

    >Also says you're looking for writers?

    We already got one (Karma) for adult and wordy scenes, and when the stretchgoal is met Gats will start writing scenes too. For all the minor things there's always me and my wobbly english!

  4. Something i want to know is if that the new game+ aspect will be improved over just “you get to keep the knights current level and choco-dicks”, as in new content is unlocked or other bonuses like “enemies are now stronger and more frequent” or “you helped the slime kingdom last time so here is a special move or item related to the slime princess” or even possibly new scenes or differing stories if you romance the same princess twice. that last ones a stretch but you get my point.

  5. If by “kill” you mean “no longer responding to spammy questions with self-evident answers,” then yes, Towerfag is kill.

  6. Literally every update includes changes and new content. That's what an update *is*. If you're sincerely having difficulty articulating your actual question, try fiddling with Google Translate and looking up what variations of similar words mean. If you're being a sperg, piss off to the 8chan thread for this game. I'm sure the anons can answer ~all~ your questions.

  7. No by “kill” I mean he stopped posting updates, and since he stopped posting updates here for a while that was an actual question. And being a retarded white knight on comments is not going to help Towerfag in any way against “spammy” comments.

  8. I no kill.
    Making a blog post takes away time, and I'm super busy with v0.12 now, sorry 'bout that.
    Also, updating the Patreon page takes priority.

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