Yet another v0.12 Preview!

Sup everyone.
We’re taking our time to make sure everything is ready for the new release and, unfortunately, I cannot make a preview for all its new features, but I’ll try to spend a little time on most of them!

  • Cat Princess

3 things to notice: her new portait, her smug expression and the new font.

This feline Princess has 3 main perks:

  • She will kick you out if you visit her with another “beast” in your party;
  • She will spend her nights out of her city, hunting;
  • Like Kobold, time will come for her to go in heat.

Her pre-recruiting questline is fundamental to set things up for the later part of her story and, since I have it all written down already, she will be beween the next ones to have her own ending.
This brings us to…

  • Dog’s End
Dog Princess’ story reaches its end!
Actually there’s a good and a bad ending that will truly test your attachment to our yanderette!
Rib Eyes stay borrowed until you get close. They’re fairly strong enemies if you’re low-leveled or poorly equipped.
From where we left:
after what happened with Dusk Princess in the Queen’s Palace, Dog Princess leaves the team and disappears.
(you can now take back your party members from the Tavern and the cage in Dog Princess’ tower)
Shortly after our Knight recieves a strange call, but… who should he trust in the end?

  • The Beach

This is a new map you can reach by boat alone, if you manage to get on board.

The “Knight’s INC.” organized there a treasure hunt that rewards you with one of 16 new swimsuits each time.

This truckload of new costumes was made possible thanks to the goal the Patrons reached last month! Gats and I started working on them right after, like promised.

There’s also news regarding the whole costumes deal.
Once again, 3 main points:

The worn costumes are now displayed in the Princess’ own diary and in the Brothel menu.
(soon) You’ll be able to visit a defeated Princess (if she’s held captive, not sold as a slave) to dress her up or have your way with her (for a price, and if you have at least 6 Affinity with the kingdom that defeated her)!

Thank you all for the support, Happy Easter and look forward to v0.12!


  1. So you're going to be basically finished with Cat Princess after the next update, you've added more to the Big Large Dungeon (or finished it?), Qhala's Brothel is in (and completed?), and there's a new location to explore…and all of the Princesses get new outfits if we grind the new Knights INC quest?

    All in addition to the GobP x Wolves animation, and whatever else you've got going on? Sounds awesome! I look forward to seeing how things work out with DogP.

  2. What kind of call? I've been search all over the game for signs of Dog Princess after she disappeared but nothing.

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