v0.12 Changelog and new artworks!

Another cute girl(?) added to our personal TheBoogie’s gallery!

We’re approaching the release, time to write the final changelog down:

  • Cat Princess reign added!
  • Cat Princess questline added!
  • Mimic Princess dungeon, “Big Large Dungeon”, opened its 3 floors.
    A completely new boss awaits you in the final floor, setting the standards for the rework of the Battle System!
  • Mimic Princess adult scene with TheBoogie’s artwork added!
  • *** Princess adult scene with TheBoogie’s artwork added!
  • Dog Princess questline reaches its end (Bad and Good ending added)!
  • Qhala’s Brothel added! Sell the body of your Princesses there for sweet bucks!
  • Moth Princess item added: Moth Extract!
  • Cat Princess item added: Tinkling Bell!
  • Beach zone added!
  • Beach minigame added! 16 different swimsuits can be obtained as rewards!
  • New font! More readable and easier on the eye!
  • 24 new portraits added! Alternative costumes added!
  • GoblinP x Wolf adult animation added!
  • GolemP adult animations I and II added!
  • DogP animation added for her ending!
  • Added Diaries for all the recruitable Princesses! The diaries and the brothel menu will show the girl’s current outfit and adult stats!
  • Added 3 more “Knight’s INC.” quests!
  • Added new sprites for princesses and ingame locations!
  • Corruption gain after rapes reduced. Beware: when it hits 10 the Princess breaks and you won’t be able to use her anymore.
  • Wealth growth over time reduced, soon to be replaced with new mechanics.
  • Several bugs and typos fixed.
Biggest patch ever? Probably.
Meanwhile, Gats collection of portraits grows…

6th of May is around the corner, after that we’ll resume the bi-weekly releases of Test Versions!
We’ll announce the date of the public release soon.

See ya!


  1. …the dragons all look fat and have the same body types. Personally, I thought they were hotter in the previous version. And that one having huge tits while the other had a big ass gave them each their own charm, on top of the wildly different personalities.

    This surprises me because every other Princess looks *better* than they used to be. Especially Faun, Moth, Desert, and Merchant Princess.

    Just my two cents. Hopefully others will speak up if they feel the same, or if they feel differently.


  2. Seriously, is this going to change how they look in the animations? It's one thing for their portraits to look like they've gone into anaphylactic shock everywhere except their faces, but unless there was a vocal subgroup among your Patreon supports asking for “heftier” princesses, I don't understand the change. This just…kills what the Dragons used to be.

    Even if the logic is “they hoard the Choco-Dicks to eat them, and even dragons can't eat that much chocolate without gaining weight,” it really seems like a change for the worse.

    DragonP I used to be a sexy, fiery tsundere brat. DragonP II used to be a bookworm with a fat ass, librarian glassesβ„’, and an “it's always the quiet ones” or a “freak in the sheets” vibe.

    I dunno about DragonP III, but now it's Fat Tsundere + Fire, Fat Nerd + Ice, and Fat Green Dragon.

  3. @Anonymous
    I think you are overreacting a whole lot, saying they look like they've gone into “anaphylactic shock”. This is a more accurate representation of how they were actually portraited before πŸ™‚ So no, it doesn't “kill” what the dragons used to be when this was how they were protraited to begin with. Plus, that is not fat, it is called chubby my friend – and not all of them is chubby at all, maybe the dragon princess' is just not for you then? … ^^

    To me, both art styles have their charm. The one that is out now is fitting more with the other princess' style, in my opinion – and I actually do kind of like it too. Can't wait to try out the next patch, great job and keep up the good work, I hope this reach out to the team because you guys deserves praise *thumbs up*

  4. I'm saying they look swollen, and the only thing “more accurate” about how they were “portrayed before” is the long neck making a comeback. Which I said nothing about. But in the CGs and Animations, DP-I doesn't have dainty feet with cankles and grossly legs. She has *thigh cleavage* now. When your legs press together like that, people get rubbed raw where their skin is constantly being chafed. Maybe dragons don't have to worry about cholesterol, heart disease, and arterial plaque, but in real life when your weight starts to affect your health it's not “chubby” or “fluffy” or “curvy” anymore–it's “fat,” “unhealthy,” and or “overweight.”

    Leaving all that aside, the only reason this bothers me is that I liked them before. The fire and ice sisters were my two favorite princesses, actually, and now they're lower than InsectP, who was my least favorite. I don't care if you're into fat chicks, whether or not they're 2D, but why did it have to be the DRAGONS?

    I guess I'm glad you're not fussed, and I agree with you in regards to EVERY OTHER PRINCESS (Great work on 21/24, Gats) but I had to say something since my favorites look like they've gone a few dozen rounds with Miss Trunchbull's chocolate cake (Matilda, 1996) in the cafeteria. And lost.

    We can agree to disagree. I just feel like this change takes something away from the game that I cared about.

  5. Yeah, that's definitely the issue. It's not like the first thing I asked was whether the portraits would be indicative of future animations or anything.

  6. @Anonymous
    Yeah, this was in no form an attack on you at all and I wasn't really fussed no ^^ but I think it's important to keep an open mind, also as I said, I do personally actually like the way Gats portrait them πŸ™‚ I don't mind some defined womanly curve, and I never had. But to be fair, I wouldn't call them fat, I think it's more in the category of Curvy/Chubby. It's hard to make a general assumption of “when is it fat, and when is it curvy/chubby” – usually because it varies from person to person. I, personally, don't think the dragons are fat, but is in the heavier end of chubby – but that I guess a personal opinion πŸ™‚ and I think it's fine that, different body types also represented – I think it's interesting with some variety aswell.

    I also understand your feeling, that it might have taken something away for you in the game – but I think we have to be open minded about such changes. I knew the DPrincess' as portraited from Gats – but I gave it a chance and could see the charm about the other version of them – maybe you will see some charm in Gats version too?

    But also huge thanks for taking your time to respond though, and I am really glad that we can talk about this calm as adults ^^ After all, you are allowed to voice your opinion πŸ™‚
    But I will also voice mine, since we're all different and I want to let them know about mine aswell ^^

  7. Didn't take it as one. Glad you enjoy it, and glad we can be level about this–it's good that you feel comfortable sharing your opinion about the new design, even if we disagree.

    I tend to focus on results more than anything else. Consequences, evidence, quantifiable stuff. Maybe people of different heights, builds, or metabolisms can have the same BMI and look totally different, but sooner or later there are health consequences–I think that in that nebulous area between “chubby” and “clearly overweight” is the point where the body begins to show strain or deterioration: that might be a “fat” we agree on. Since these are 2D, though, we're limited to what we can see or what information is directly offered to players when we make such judgments…and without that information, I guess it really is subjective.

    It's not possible for me to “be open-minded” or “give them a chance,” because I wouldn't be who I am if this was something I could accept. This isn't to say that any change is bad change or that it's wrong for us to change as we live longer and attain new experiences–I'm saying that I've got a serious, vehement *thing* against what I view as the wrong kind of jiggle. There are other, very specific things in porn and in real life that turn me off in the same (powerful, immediate, uncompromising) way. The changes that would be necessary for me to tolerate, let alone enjoy these things are changes I consider antithetical to the person I've become over the course of my life.

    But that's not the point of all this. My goal, and yours, was to hopefully start a conversation and get other voices to make themselves known. I'd hoped that others would also protest the “heavier” dragons. Maybe on other forums they are. Or maybe they will in the future. Either way, I think we've said all that we need to.

    Stay classy, internet stranger.

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