New v0.12+ items

Couldn’t post as much as I’d have wanted on the blog to prepare for v0.12 release, but that I have a little more free time, let’s talk about something new that came with last week version and about something incoming in the next Test Releases.

These items are rewarded to the Player after he manages to save a Princess from a siege or from one of Dog Princess’ attacks.

  • Moth Princess item: Moth Extract [Uses: Limitless – Once per night]

    Using this on a Princess before deciding how to spend the night in the Campsite will cause her to become infatuated with the Knight, but will also raise her Corruption by 1.
    For the night you won’t be able to progress with her storyline.
    Instead, you will immediately head to the tent for some sweet time.

  • Cat Princess item: Tinkling Bell     [Uses: Limitless]

    With this item will switch a Princess’ Love with her Lust, and viceversa. Simple as that.
    This means that it can be used to convert you’re waifu into a sinful girl, but by using this you can also redeem a Princess that’s a little too “open”.

This one is already obtainable ingame, but its effect will be ready for the next Test Release:
  • Mimic Princess item: Wonder Chest [Uses: Once per playthrough]

    This chest will allow the player to bring 3 between items, weapons or amors to his next playthrough.
    Be careful, after the use it will lock itself with the items inside, unlocking only after the game restarts!

    What happens if you get another Wonder Chest in the 2nd playthrough? You will be able to bring 6 items to the 3rd one! And so on…
    The Wonder Chest(s) themselves will transfer to the following playthrough by default, of course.

Next post will be about the rework of the battle system, that started with the Big Large Dungeon boss!
Until next time!


  1. (I don't know why you're asking it in this post, BUT…) DPII won both in March and April. Her 2 new animations are incoming!

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