When the Knight falls

Sup everyone!
Time to talk about a sweet new feature that came with v0.12.1.


Until now, if you wanted to interact with a certain Princess, what you were used to was:
  • Increase your affinity with her doing quests or fighting her enemies
  • Visit her castle
  • Go talk to her
  • Friendship!

Now… now… things may take different routes.

For starters, now most of the Princesses have a time when they won’t accept visits: let’s call said occasions Resting Times.
During Resting Times there will be less guards outside the castle’s doors.
If her Princess is resting inside, the guard at the gate won’t let you in, to avoid disturbing the leader.
  • If “let’s come back tomorrow” is what you’re thinking, the following part won’t interest you!
  • If you still want to enter the place where the Princess is sleeping there are several ways to do so.

Let’s see…

The only time for Cat Princess to rest is during rainy nights! During clear ones she goes out to hunt!
Sneaking past a guard won’t be difficult if you have Slime Princess in your team, she can turn into a puddle and sneak past the guard, just like how she doesn’t get found out during stealth sections while in puddle form.
But the real Queen of Infiltrations ins’t her.
This cute, huge,  innocent, thing right here, is.
Not only Moth Princess can put to sleep the guard, but once you enter the palace you can use her ability (left-Ctrl or the gamepad’s button you mapped as “Ability”), to make sure the Princess won’t wake up while you’re in her room…
Blue “ZzZ” means she can wake up if you approach her. Pink “ZzZ” means FUN!
The same result can be achieved using one of the items sold by Trevor (the new male merchant NPC), the Sleeping Dust, but that comes with a 500CD price tag per charge!

Once you’re alone with your sleeping beauty, you can decide to steal something from her or to have your way with the poor girl!

Did I mention we’re working on a huge prison for anyone caught in the act of raping a Princess?

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