May Patreon rewards!

The gallery has been updated for May! There’s so much in there!

17 (!!!) new sets of portraits, sprites, sketches, sweet figurines prints and endocrine glands!

Now all the important NPCs in the game have their own set of portraits!
There’s always more to add and we also just opened a new poll for Patrons, the “NPC poll”, that will give birth to a new NPC every month.

The winner for this month is: “A skeleton knight looking for the fountain of youth

Two new adult scenes starring Dragon Princess II are incoming for the next versions and there’s pregnancy being worked on in a unique way, like you may guess from 2 (but there’s more incoming) of the pictures in the gallery’s preview~

Now I’ll go back working on v0.12.2, releasing on June 11th.

Stay tuned!


  1. Will be there a way to replace Paid NPC-s With some kind of Lore-neutral NPC-s. Or they strictly purchase a monopoly on Their Function in game?

  2. I mean Switch. Like WitchP instead Babs or DP69(Cuz CourtesanP is not exist) for Qhala.

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