v0.12.2 Release date and Changelog + A couple things about the Pregnancy System

Time for v0.12.2! This new version will be out for patrons in a little more than a week.
I’ll be taking a couple more days and release it by the 13th of June.


  • Dragon Princess II route opens!
  • The first 2 steps of Dragon Princess II’s questline are ready!
  • Dragon Princess II adult scene #1 added!
  • Dragon Princess II adult scene #2 added!
  • Princess fertility added to the Diaries!
  • Added the Jail!
  • Added Crowley (Human Apothecary NPC) quest!
  • Added Infiltrations for Slime, Golem and Insect Princess!
  • Lina now sells the default costumes (in preparation for -> Princesses you get from Slaves auctions and jails will have their Slave costume and not their default one)
  • Added many new portraits (Milk Maidens, Babs, Crest/Armor Princess, Dullahan Princess, Pirate Princess, Amelie, Qhala, Dragon Queen, Fairy Princess, the Guild’s Clerk, Kind Shrowds, Crowley)!

With these now everyone has his own portrait made by Gats!
I know a lot of you are looking forward to pregnancy.
Compared to what you may have seen in other adult games, we took it one step further~
Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest has a lot of different girls, of different races, it wouldn’t have felt right to have pregnancies work in the same way for all of them!
We made a first differentiation:
  • Mammals: live-birthing, fertile during certain time windows.
  • Reptiles/Birds: A single/a few eggs deposed each time, fertile during certain time windows.
  • Insects: Many eggs deposed, fertile if well fed, safe from dangers.
  • Stranger Things: To each their own, slimes will require their “pool”, other will require specific items (Skeleton, Golem and all the inorganic ones will get pregnant only with Goblin Princess’ “Stud’s Draught”!)
The diaries will now show a new window, that will signal the Player when a Princess is fertile and if she’s pregnant (of course the Princess will notice it too!)
From the Diary you’ll be able to check if the Princess is ovulating/preparing to depose eggs/growing a little goblin in her belly and much more!
Sometimes a Princess will let the Player know when she’s in heat, sometimes you’ll have to check the diary every now and then.
Keep in mind that, for mammals at least, the fertile window lasts 2-3 days only!
Miss that opportunity and you will have to wait another one before you can get her pregnant (but there will be items for that too…)!
Welp, I hope you look forward to it, it’s still work in progress, but we’re spending days and days on it to make sure it turns out as a fun addition to the game!

Until next time!


  1. What will be the purpose of the children?
    What functionality will they have?

  2. Just a out of context question, was the public version suppose to drop 2 days ago? I dont see any updates anywhere.

  3. Gotta make a kindom filled with your kids! 😀
    Maybe breed em too if you are into such things?

  4. Now I ask myself: How would Boy-P get pregnant (and any other “Princess” like her), magical butt babies?


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