v0.12.3 Changelog

It’s almost release day again!

Here’s the changelog:

  • Step 3 and 4 of Dragon Princess II route added!
  • Dragon Princess II adult animation #2 added!
  • Goblin Princess adult animation #1 added!
  • Pregnant + naked portraits for the Princesses added!
  • Prisoner portraits for the Princesses added!
  • Redone costume for Human Princess (“White Flower Garments”)!
  • 12 new campsite events added! 1 for each Princess you can get pregnant!
  • New assets for pregnancies added, clearly showing how it’s progressing!
  • Infiltration events for Insect, Ghost and Skeleton Princess added!
  • Added sprites for Trevor, Lina, Crowley, Arcane Princess and Gazers!
  • Added Merchant Princess cheat!
  • Several bugs and typos fixed.


  1. Will we be able to overthrow the queen with the help of the dragon princesses and become dragon king?

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