v0.12.4 Release date and Preview!

Hello everyone!
v0.12.3 was a lot of work and I’m happy so many of you are supporting us and playing the latest versions, but it’s not yet time to kick back and relax!

v0.12.4 will be out the 27th of July for Patrons!
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Now, let me show you some new features, that will expand the gameplay both horizontally and vertically:
  • Consensual sex during infiltrations. Now when you sneak into a Princess’ room and wake her up, if you have the required amount of hearts( for Goblin,  for Desert,  for everyone else), they won’t call the guards and instead have sex with the Knight!
    They can get pregnant this way and with some of them you may be able to have fun more than once (the maximum number of times is set by the Knight’s Endurance)!

  • You will be able to gift costumes to Holstaur, Dragon I and Dragon II, and to cycle between the ones in their possession!

  • Corruption events. A Princess reaching Corruption level 10 will sit idly in the Tavern, unable to help the Knight in any way.
    If Qhala’s Brothel is open the matron of the Brothel will offer you to send your “broken” girls to work in her house of pleasure!
  • Corruption will now have different effects on a couple Princesses in particular:
    Desert Princess won’t break once she reaches 10 Corruption, instead she will transform back into her human form when she reaches 0!
    Human Princess won’t break once she reaches 10 Corruption, instead she will transform into a succubus!
  • Succubus Human Princess and Healed Desert Princess are both part of a new set of portraits:
Thank you for another stretchgoal reached last month!

All the alternative forms won’t be just costumes, they will have particular effects and you won’t be able to ON/OFF them like you’d usually do with dresses.
The art for all of them will be ready for v0.12.4 and I think I’ll be able to work on the effects too for 3~4 more of them (HumanP and DesertP are already ready)!


  • A new adult scene! Frog Princess!! With another amazing artwork by TheBoogie!!
  • 2 new adult animations for Goblin Princess!
    Looking at how the poll is going, next month will likely be Cat Princess’ turn!
  • The heir’s assets for Kobold, Human, Goblin, Cat, Slime, Golem and Insect are being worked on right now!
    Cutebolds (Kobold Princess’ sons & daughters) will be the first ones getting done and if I put all the resources in the calculator …


    Apparently there will be 1000+ possible forms for Cutebolds alone!

    Check our Patreon for Cutebolds, Frog Princess and all the art that is being pumped out right now by the Gats/Boogie/Akai triad!

    Thank you for reading, time to get back to work!


    1. 1000+ combinations? bich u crazy!
      you really are going all out! is there any other way of supporting the game other than donating money, im broke as fuuuuuuuuuk

    2. will it be possible to buy a house in the game, where it can be a replacement to the tavern where you can sleep for free. maybe you can buy a house in a kingdom (maybe even earn one like if you get accepted succubus princesses harem) or for a more expensive price you can build one on the map, maybe theirs different house designs that living in could be affected by the tax rate of a kingdom, like a slime house or an ant mound.

    3. Wow. That's a lot of combinations. I might've asked this already, but will there be any point in trying to get offspring with specific characteristics other than wanting them to look a certain way? You mentioned that we could feed Princesses things or take them to places to have an effect on the unborn offspring…well, even if it's just a matter of appearances, this is still a really cool development! Can't wait to see the Heirs!

    4. Question–what's different about Succubus/Human Princess and Healed/Desert Princess compared to the originals? Also, does this mean it's impossible to “break” these two and they can be healed by the Priest at any time even after maxing out their corruption?

    5. Ah, cool. Well, not *cool* since it's hardly going to affect my playthroughs, but thanks for answering!

    6. I'm not entirely sure if this is the best place to post this, but for me at least, the Lamia scene in the Spynx fortress is completely broken textwise. It does not wrap properly so I can only read like half of the sentences.

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