Mothers, Sons & Daughters #2 – New forms for the Princesses!

Sup everyone!
I’ll be taking a little time today to show something new about the “Progeny-making” and to give more details to you all.

Like I said last time, and I didn’t exaggerate, there will be 1000+ different portraits of sons&daughters for every single race.

I’m working on the system right now, as a first step the Player will be able to keep:

  • 5 active sons & daugther at any given time (active means in the Party or in the Tavern);
  • 500 sons & daughters in total at any given time (this includes the “boxed” ones and the ones sent out in the Towergirls Kingdom).
This little kobold is as rough as it’s cute, with his toad-like tail and crested head~
There will be a daycare/boarding house that will take care of your little pals and you will be able to withdraw/deposit/send them out from the same menu.
The ones you send out could disappear if they’re a little too adventurous, but most of the times you’ll be able to meet them again!
Their stats will be mostly determined by their physique:
a slim kobold, like in picture, will have higher Agility compared to a curvy female one, but lower Attack and Defense compared to a muscle-y, toned one.

Just like Princesses, they won’t have fixed stats, there will be a +/- 10% variability for all of them.

There will also be a, hidden at the beginning, Quality modifier, that will influence their growth.
I’ll be able to show higher quality portraits in our Patreon before the end of the month, now let’s check the first half of the new Princesses’ forms, coming with v0.12.4!

You won’t be able to get these portraits just by equipping a costume, they’re all related to ingame events!

Succubus Human Princess 

By getting her Corruption to 10 she will switch to her Succubus form and her Corruption will go back to 0.
Healing her in the Church will revert her to being human and get her Corruption back to 0.
This way Human Princess breaks at 10+10(=20!) Corruption!

Healed Desert Princess

Bring her Corruption to 0 and she will go back being a normal human! Desert Princess is now unbreakable, even at 10 Corruption!
Fluffy Dog Princess

To get this new form you have to make her really mad! Her rage will cause her fur to become soft and fluffy!
Don’t ( DON’T! ) remain alone with her until she calms down!
Nekomata Cat Princess

A clear, starry sky is enough to quench her hunting instincts. This new form has her switch from a agile beastslayer to a magic oriented huntress of spirits!

Dragobold Princess

Get her to go back where her fallen reign once was, in there she’ll be able to switch form, and this will be the start of her own route!
The Dragon form has re-arranged, slightly boosted, stats and permits her to throw fireballs!
Dias de Muertos Skeleton Princess

The mysterious Skeleton Princess has gone crazy after all the time she spents being undead, without getting the rest the deads deserve.
If you plan to help her finally reach the afterlife she will sometimes take this form!
If instead you’re planning to revive her…


  1. Uh Oh, Dragobold Princess is going to get Dragon Stats which means she's going to Kill Everything with One Hit when she reaches level 10, She'll be known as One-Punch Bold!

  2. Are SuccubusP and DragoboldP their own race, now? As in, will their offspring also be Succubi and Dragobolds?

    And…will there be animations for the alternate versions of princesses? Cause I really, really want to fuck that Dragobold. 😀

  3. Well she is called Yandere Dog for a reason and now with that new form, she becomes Yandere Isabelle, it's that great?

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