v0.12.4 Changelog and Progeny Simulator Release!

v0.12.4 is a week from now! Let’s take a look at what’s incoming!

Here’s the changelog:

  • Kobold Princess route opens! Help her rebuild her Reign! But first clean the place up…
  • Frog Princess adult scene added!
  • Goblin Princess adult animation #2 added!
  • Goblin Princess adult animation #3 added!
  • Corruption is now checked correctly. Princesses that reach 10 Corruption will break and be sent to the Tavern!
  • If Qhala’s Brothel is open she will offer you to take your broken Princesses to her brothel!
  • You can now gift the swimsuits to Dragon Princess I, II and Holstaur Princess!
  • You can now have consensual sex during Infiltrations if you wake up a Princess that likes you (❤  for GoblinP, ❤❤  for DesertP, ❤❤❤  for the other ones)!
  • The Knight can have sex more than once in a single sitting (limited by his Endurance)
  • Added Alt Forms for Human, Desert, Kobold, Cat, Dog and Skeleton Princess!
  • Added pregnant portraits for Skeleton and Slime Princess!
  • Added sprites and portraits for 2 new NPCs: Lizz and Don Medulla!
  • Added portraits for Golem Soldiers!
  • Several bugs and typos fixed.

And, for everyone to download…

This standalone client (5MBs only) will show you the 1500+ possible portraits for kobolds sons & daughters and let you filter them!
An updated versions (8 races will be ready by the end of the month) will be included in the main game’s client!


  1. Wow, just a quick look at the Progeny Simulator and that seems crazy extensive. Gonna be a lot of fun when it's fully implemented! Will the alternate forms of the mothers produce alternate offspring, or will all the progeny stick to their mother's original race?

  2. The mother's form will influence the offspring's outcome in terms of exclusive parts you will be able to get only that way. There will be special parts to get, like dragon wings for kobolds or succubus tails and horns for humans, that's a no-brainer!

  3. Dang. 0_0
    >Yo dawg, I herd u like combos, so I added combos to your combos so you could combo while you combo'd

  4. There is an issue with the hooded figure in the fairy place, where I am unable to interact with it.

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