Kobold King’s Story

A new route opens!

Reenstablish the Kobold Reign

You asked for it, here it is!
You can finally start rebuilding the reign of Kobold Princess, after the “incident” that happens during the game’s first scenes!
Kobold Princess is pregnant and she’s crying. Can you even say no to her?
Clean the place from rubbles and monsters! Bring a smile back on her snout!
Repopulate the reign with your little kobolds and the ones you will find roaming aimlessly within the Kingdom’s borders!
Discover new areas of the fortress!
Assign to each kobold his own role: there will be miners, extracting precious from the mines, there will be farmers and woodcutters, there will be merchants selling what the miners find, carters moving products to the different parts of the fortress, security guards keeping watch while the work-force is sleeping at night and nobles, ready to recieve the Princesses that will come visit Kobbie after you rebuild the whole fortress!
A simple, work in progress, map of the fortress.
Use the Princess’ bed to rest or to have sex freely with the Princess!

There’s no time to lose, you won’t even have to worry about keeping her eggs safe, the fortress is the perfect place.

Knight… that’s the wrong hole…

Sit on the throne to issue building orders, to manage your workers and to check your resources and food levels!
You woulnd’t like it if your kobolds starved down in the mines, right?

Wood, Rock and Crystal will be the primary resources you’ll need to build things.

There’s nothing left to be said, except that you may find a big red gem somewhere in the mines. Maybe someone lost it…

In v0.12.4 you will be able to clean up the first 2 rooms, to send to the fortress a couple kobolds (knockers, to be fair), to use the bed and to use the throne to build the first structure, but I’m keeping the Production room, the Farm and the Quarters locked until I’ve got everything sorted out!


  1. Aw, hell yeah! And this doesn't lock us down in any way? Will this exclude us from certain content or are the Routes, soul-collecting, and mind-breaking the only ways that happens?

    And if we get too wealthy, will DragonP I swing by again? Happy to finally see this “route” in progress!

  2. When you're in a route you can't enter a route of the same level.

    A level 1 route cannot overwrite another level 1.
    A level 2 route can overwrite a level 1 route.
    A level 2 route cannot overwrite another level 2.

    And so on…

    Kobold, Dragon I and Dragon II are level 1 routes.
    Dog is a level 2 route.

  3. Not that this 'Dwarf fortress-lite' doesn't intrigue me. But my question is two-fold.

    Will we be able to just throw Kobold Princess back on her thrown and let her manage her kingdom? Basically let it operate like every other kingdom so we don't have to micromanage it in its entirety if we just want to put it back up on the map?
    And second; is this a prototype that will start here and eventually be in effect in every kingdom? That way, if we marry a princess or otherwise take control of a kingdom, will we have similar power over it like Kobold's here?

    What I'm primarily worried about here is time and resources being spent fleshing out this little feature if it isn't going to be widely used. There doesn't seem to have been much reported work on the grander-scale battle and kingdom management; such as resource nodes like the farm or better army battles. And I am worried that too much man-power is being spread out on little features like this unique inner-kingdom management section rather than the grander and more fundamental pillars of the game's mechanics.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my concern.

  4. Don't worry, I'm making sure to work on all fronts, more neutral structures are going to be added and the population scores and growth are going to come back in future.
    Diplomacy is also going to get expanded soon, units will be sent around to improve the relationships between reigns and there will be new NPCs that will help (or hinder) them.

    “And I am worried that too much man-power is being spread out” … to be fair, it's me alone working on everything gameplay-related.

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