v0.12.4 Released!

It’s summer! Are you having fun? We worked up quite a sweat but here it is!

Here’s the changelog!
  • Kobold Princess route opens! Help her rebuild her Reign!
  • Frog Princess adult scene added!

  • Goblin Princess adult animation #2 added!

  • Goblin Princess adult animation #3 added!

  • Added Succubus form for Human Princess (unlocks at 10 Corruption while in Human form, reverts when healed at the Church)!

  • Added Human form for Desert Princess (unlocks at 0 Corruption, reverts when Corruption reaches 1 or more)!

  • Added Dragon form for Kobold Princess (unlocks and reverts upon usage of the Draconic Ruby)!

  • Added Nekomata form for Cat Princess (unlocks and reverts in the Moon Pond)!

  • Added Fluffy form for Dog Princess (unlocks if she assists to a “successful infiltration”, reverts after 7 days)!

  • Added Redemption form for Skeleton Princess (unlocks at 0 Corruption, 0 Lust, 4 Love)!

  • Added naked and pregnant portraits for the new forms!

  • Added pregnant portraits for Skeleton Princess and Slime Princess!

  • You can now sell broken Princesses to Qhala’s Brothel!

  • You can now have consensual sex with a Princess during Infiltrations (if you have enough Affinity with her)!

  • The Knight can now have consecutive sex in a single sitting as many times as his Endurance score!

  • Added the Moon Pond!

  • Added portraits for Golem Soldier!

  • [NPCs] Don Medulla locations and dialogues added!

  • [NPCs] Lizz locations added!

  • The Progeny Simulator (v1) has been included in the game client.

  • Several bugs and typos fixed.


  1. So, I know there's artwork for Golem Princess being pregnant, but is it actually possible to get her pregnant? I've done her questline all the way up to giving her the clockwork heart. Is it also possible to stop her from being so warmongering?

  2. Same person, there also seems to be a glitch when you get the random 'golem princess turned off' event. I don't know if it's truly random, just feels like it is.

    When she offers to take care of your 'stiffness', it turns back into the regular throne interaction scene, with drider princess. It still plays the sex animation overtop of it though, and if you leave the throne room it won't go away.

  3. I have a problem when buying girls back from qhala “Scipt 'cache' line 197:RGSSError Occured. failed to create bitmap”

  4. guys cant play the games thanks the bla blah something scrpit bla 1411 when camping or resting or doing something else…

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