v0.12.5 Preview and a look to v0.13!

Heya! As promised I’ll talk a little about v0.12.5 today, but I’ll show something about v0.13 too, since it’s getting close!

v0.12.5 expected release is set for the 31th of August and this is what we’re working on until then:
  • Cat Princess adult animation #1
  • Cat Princess adult animation #2
Heavy petting!
  • Baby Deliveries! [Without the egg/infant sections and all the fluff]
    You will be able to manage the kids you get from the first 6 Princesses (Kobold, Human, Slime, Goblin, Cat and Dog) and to use them in your team!
There’s something for all palates in the Towergirls Kingdom!

  • Daycare Center!
    Before revealing who’s going to be the Princess in charge of it (and her cute assistant), you will be able to use the Daycare Center to deposit, whitdraw and release your Progeny!
  • Updated Progeny Simulator!
    v2 of the simulator will include 9 races for you to see in their thousands different portraits!
  • Flavour dialogues!
    4 new short dialogues for each of the 12 recruitable Princesses! 2 for the Tavern, 2 for the Campsite!
  • Random Tavern NPCs!
    Random looking NPCs will spawn every now and then in the Tavern! You found a cute one? You’d like it if one of your next daughters looked like her? We got you covered!
Roids and claws are a scary duo! The body type will also influence the Stats!
  • Kobold Princess’ route!
    More Knockers you can send there and all the rooms of the fortress will be unlocked!

Industries, shops, mushrooms and rock beds!

  • Sex in tent now repeateable and for all the Princesses!
    That’s to make all of them impregnable even after you recruit them.
  • The Status Screen now looks less shitty!
  • Weather Cheat!
    Change the weather with a flick of your finger (until we get our dedicated NPC for that too!)

And now a look on v0.13, that will come right after v0.12.5! The 13th main Princess will finally be ready, but that’s not all!
This is what we’re currently working on that will be ready for the next “numbered” release!

  • Mouse Princess!
    Our new regent will get a special place and “placement”! You will have to deal with her sooner or later! More details will be uncovered at a later time.
Mouse Princess castle is a clocktower, defended by her mighty clockwork GORILLAS!

She’s aaaall ready for pregnancy and stuff!


  • All the Princess Progenies ready!
    Both in the Simulator and in the main game! Finally Babies, with all the needed fluff, scenes and the egg/infant phases!
  • Golem Princess, Ghost Princess and Skeleton Princess living forms!
    The unliving Princesses will get a “living” form of sorts, but things will go WAY differently for all of them!
    We’re already working on them, but it’s unlikely for them to be ready in time for v0.12.5 without rushing things.
  • The 6 remaining Alternative Forms!
    Bubble SlimeP, Rock GolemP, Hornet InsectP, Japanese GhostP, Gremlin GoblinP and Butterfly MothP!
    I’ll likely be able to work at least on a couple of them for v0.12.5, but we’ll see!
Like you can imagine there’s much to do, I’ll try to manage to show something more before it’s release time!
Thank you for the support and look forward to the next releases!


  1. A weather cheat? Awesome! Now we can reliably trigger KoboldP's campfire scenes, fix that shitty bridge, or give DesertP's soldiers an unfair boost.

    Regarding KoboldP's Route, though–we can find and recruit Knockers, but those are just guards, right? Do we need to repopulate the entire reign on our own for workers and NPCs, or will there be some other way? Her dialogue implies we can find “worker” Kobolds in addition to Knockers…or maybe I just haven't looked hard enough.

    So our Progeny are going to be born mostly grown and autonomous until their infancy content is filled out? That's actually pretty cool–will there be a cheat to keep that in the future?

    So many questions…thanks for working so hard on an amazing project!

  2. I am on the map and now I cannot move, but can still view status screen.

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