The Slime Pool!

Here’s a new zone you should wait for! It will be in v0.12.5~

The Slime Pool

The zone will be reachable with or without Slime Princess in your team!

Like the Slums for the humans, you will be able to reach the Slime Pool even after the Princess in charge is defeated, killed or deposed.
In there you will be able to find, rooted to the floor of the cave, the powerful Life Stone!
Could this dowry be what caused the water of the pool to become goo? Could this cave be where the slime race itself originated?!

Everything will be answered in due time, but our researchers already discovered something interesting about this place!


Slime Princess can give birth anywhere she likes, utilizing the DNA she gets from their mates.
From countless generations, slimes gave birth within the boundaries of their reign, close to the Life Pearl, located in its depths.
If the Princess gives birth too far from the magical stone, pretty often her offsprings will end up looking like…
There are many, colorful, variations of these adorable retards.
… this.
Mind you, their stats are actually pretty good, with good HP, Defense, Luck and a decent Attack, but I wouldn’t entrust the future of the Kingdom to one of them.
Living Forms

Helping you give birth to awesome looking new slimes isn’t everything the Life Pearl is good at! The stone is also capable of giving life to what didn’t have one to begin with!
What would happen if you bring there one of the Princesses with literally no life? 
That’s what a Living Form is!
All these Living Forms will determine a new route with a new ending for the Princess!

Will Skeleton Princess find a way to finally sate her lust?
Will Golem Princess heart start to beat for real?
Will Ghost Princess finally be able to touch his loved one?
What if I toss Slime Princess in there?!
If you want to find answers to these questions you might want to visit the Slime Pool soon!


  1. “Will Ghost Princess finally be able to touch his loved one?” is that a typo, or is there something your not telling us ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. excuse me but do you know how much time I have in a slave auction? I keep on messing up big time and thats mostly because I don't know how long it takes. If you could answer I would appreciate it.

  3. Yea, that's the whole point, the timer isn't shown. But before the auctions starts the dealer tells you the duration of it! READ

  4. I guess on some point they combine it with a patreon build release (maybe 12.6 and and 12.1 at the same day) like they did before.

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