v0.12.5 Changelog! 1 week to release!

Here we are, another release is right around the corner! v0.12.5 will release the 31st and here’s the changelog:

  • Kids!
    Princesses are now able to deliver (Kobold, Human, Slime, Goblin, Cat and Dog) and you can store up to 500 babies in a single playthrough!
  • The Daycare Center detachment opens in the Tavern, with Dear helping you manage your progeny!

Dear, the wet nurse that will help you manage your royal blooded progeny!

  • 6 Progeny races in the Simulator and ingame (Kobold, Human, Slime, Goblin, Cat and Dog)!

There are more than 10000 possible looks for your Progeny!

  • 2 new adult animations for Cat Princess added!
  • New dialogues for all the Princesses, both in the Tavern and in the Campsite! 48 new speeches!
  • Sex is the Campsite Tent is now repeatable! You can woo until your Endurance runs out or morning comes!
  • Kobold Fortress has new rooms and new orders to give to your kobold subjects!

    Start clearing up those rooms, you’re going to need that extra space!

    • New Living Forms added! Ghost Princess, Golem Princess and Skeleton Princess! (including pregnant, naked and pregnant + naked variants)

    • Revivalscenes for Golem and Skeleton Princess!
    • Slime Princess new form added: Bubble Slime form! (including pregnant, naked and pregnant + naked variants)
    • Golem Princess new form added: Rock Golem form! (including pregnant, naked and pregnant + naked variants)
    • Moth Princess new form added: Butterfly form! (including pregnant, naked and pregnant + naked variants)
    • Skeleton Princess won’t need to be awakened anymore!
    • Status Screen menu has been remade!
    • Human Princess city has been remade!
    • New Tavern NPCs will appear from now on, with random races and looks!
    • Lizz, the Goblin punk, has now dialogues when you meet her around the world.
    • A new zone (the Slime Pool) you can reach even after the Princess is defeated (like the Slums for the humans) and 2 new secret passages!
    • Weather Cheat added!


    1. Are there plans to allow internal view of the vagina/anal sex scenes for each princess with the proper interior colors (green for goblin and slime princess, blue for dragon Princess II, violet for insect princess etc.)?

    2. Uselessly long answer: The interior color depends on the blood, not the skin. If they breath oxygen and transport that using iron, the blood is bound to be red.
      Tiny insects have no blood IRL, the green/blueish/purple “blood” you're used to see in vidyas has no scientific bases; they don't need blood for oxygen to reach all the places in their tiny bodies.

      The only ones with different interior colors would be the “monsters”, like Slime (transparent green) and… Ghost? However they're already shown not having a normal reproductive system. The slimes just absorb sperm to gemmate into 2 slimes (http://i.imgur.com/wZYF7kO.png), Ghost, Skeleton and Golem, while able to have sex, require more than that to have a child (and that's why they're the last 3 I'll deal with!)

      Short answer: Internal view scenes are not planned, if you don't consider Slime, Ghost or Skeleton “transparencies”, but the “monsters” will have a specific view of their uterus in their Diaries!

    3. Oh cool i learned something useful. That was really interesting, didn't know that. =O Thanks for the answer. <3

    4. excited for 12.5 but is there a estimated date for 13? since it will have the rest of the pregnancy stuff which im most looking forward to

    5. So pregnancy and such aside when is the combat going to receive the FUN because it's how you get everything accomplished and the combat is limited to holding block, hitting the enemy after you get hit, and running until the shield comes back.
      I don't use the kobold because I found leveling up one character was more efficient and required less grinding, especially since one of the early quests only allows The Knight in your party.
      Speaking of which I thought I could play this like most rpgs, accept all quests at a time, complete them and cash in. I didn't mind the one quest at a time, but one quest per day means sleeping in the inn (spending some of the money you got from the quest and not getting the chance to level up) or spending the rest of the day grinding since progressing with almost all the princesses requires you to spend money.
      Not to mention that the only change strategy received since release were the tea party quests.
      I feel like you guys are making money off porn rather then a game.
      If you can point out anything I overlooked or misunderstood please do because I feel like I'm missing something.

    6. I can't possibly tell for now, but we've already got all the assets for Mouse Princess and all the babbies should be ready by the end of September.
      As usual I'll announce the date at least a month before it releases.

    7. Here's a bit of advice. The mobile is better and OP. Stick her with knives and the main gauche as she can attack super rapidly and do lots of damage. Further, her CTRL ability allows her to potentially jump on enemies and both prevent them from attacking her while also allowing her to attack them and with the knives' fast attack speed, she kills quickly.

      I will agree that combat isn't really fun though. I usually take kobold after I get the middle grade knife (can't remember name) and farm the pyramid for money/items to sell and you make a ridiculous amount of money that way. So much so that I thought Dragon Princess 1 was a bit short story wise because of how quickly it was done. On the combat part, I don't know how you can improve it. I don't think the hitbox for your own weapons reaches out far enough as you have to get too close for most enemies to actually deal damage and they will get an attack in before you can. The knight character's combat does not feel fun and Human princess has the same ability, which makes her not fun as well. I haven't played with any of the other princesses to see how they feel to play with, pretty much because I doubt any are better than Kobold Princess with knives.

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