v0.12.5 Released!

Here we go!

Start your monstergirl family now!

  • Kids! The Princesses are now able to deliver (Kobold, Human, Slime, Goblin, Cat and Dog) and you can store up to 500 babies in a single playthrough!
  • The Daycare Center detachment opens in the Tavern, with Dear helping you manage your progeny!
  • Dear, the wet nurse that will help you manage your royal blooded progeny!
  • 6 Progeny races in the Simulator and ingame (Kobold, Human, Slime, Goblin, Cat and Dog)!
  • 2 new adult animations for Cat Princess added!
  • New dialogues for all the Princesses, both in the Tavern and in the Campsite! 48 in total!
  • Sex is the Campsite Tent is now repeatable! You can woo until your Endurance runs out or morning comes!
  • Kobold Fortress has new rooms and new orders to give to your kobold subjects!
  • New Living Forms added! Ghost Princess, Golem Princess and Skeleton Princess! (including pregnant, naked and pregnant + naked variants)
  • Slime Princess new form added: Bubble Slime form! (including pregnant, naked and pregnant + naked variants)
  • Golem Princess new form added: Rock Golem form! (including pregnant, naked and pregnant + naked variants)
  • Moth Princess new form added: Butterfly form! (including pregnant, naked and pregnant + naked variants)
  • Skeleton Princess won’t need to be awakened anymore! 
  • Skeleton Princess questline rework started!
  • Status Screen menu has been remade!
  • Human Princess city has been remade!
  • New Tavern NPCs will appear from now on, with random races and looks!
  • Lizz, the Goblin punk, has now dialogues when you meet her around the world.
  • A new zone (the Slime Pool) you can reach even after the Princess is defeated (like the Slums for the humans) and 2 new secret passages!
  • Weather Cheat added!
  • War is (a little) less likely to get triggered between neighboring reigns!
  • Several bugs and typos fixed.


  1. You have already revealed the sprite of the third dragon princess yet said nothing about her.
    Is she going to be revealed once mouse princess is added in?

  2. i'm getting an error at the start of kobold princess' route something called an unidentified method called 'moveto'

  3. Try out the latest patch, I do not get the crash as much as I try, but this may be able to solve it for the ones experiencing it.

  4. when i have the first child (with slime princess) then the campfire is always empty

  5. When i try to enter cat princess reing i get an error message: unable to find file aubio/bgm/ feline three four (cat princess are) but i have the .ogg in the bgm folder

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