v0.12.6 changelog! Final Test Release before v0.13

As we prepare for the big leap that will be v0.13 I thought it would be nice to have another Test Release before the time comes (around early November)!

Let’s see what it will be surely included to v0.12.6, releasing the 28th of September!

  • 3 new Progeny races (Insect, Desert and Moth)!
  • 1 new Insect Princess adult animation!
  • 1 new Desert Princess adult animation!
  • New adult scene with TheBoogie’s artwork, starring Fairy Princess!
  • 2 new cosplay costumes (“Painful Love” for Desert Princess, “Hexing Ghost” for Ghost Princess)!

  • A whole set of Maid costumes! One for each Princess!
She’s going to tuck you into bed. Wishing or not.
  • Wood gathering, finally! For Kobold route of course.
  • And many additions, like…
  1. the delivery time window is now 2-3 days wide, to let you decide where to give birth to your next party member;
  2. birth-affecting locations for every Princess;
  3. a new NPC you can use to mix various kinds of… fluids… to influence your children’s qualities before birth;
  4. The Princesses can now have children during their regency. The firstborn will stand besides the Princess, waiting for the right time to take the mother’s place!

Before then we’ll start to vote for the 14th Princess, and I’m previewing all the candidates.
Make sure to check our Patreon under the RttP” tag (Road to the Poll), they’re open for everyone to see!


  1. I like both the cosplays and the maiden outfit, can't wait to see the other princess' in them! Also, a small question, will there be an ingame feature to turn down the volume? The music is really nice, but sometimes I'd like to adjust it 🙂 Can't wait to see more and good job so far you guys!

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