The Poll begins! New rules!

Time to start with the poll for the 14th recruitable Princess!


There are new rules, Princesses will be swapped in and out with every poll!

Everything is explained HERE!
This change has been made to make possible for Gen IV and V Princesses to get their chance to join as party members, they weren’t a thing when we started!


  1. Hello. Random person here who just recently learned about this project. Only played through the free version, and I enjoyed it a lot.

    I am really sad that Moonborn Princess has lost her chance. She had so much potential.

    I am also sad that Mushroom, Courel, Gorgon, Dreider, Incinnira, Mimic and Eldritch Princess are not recruitable (unless there are plans that I have not been made aware of). you can't have them all, I guess… I really want Eldritch, though.

    Good luck with the project. I will keep my eyes on it.

  2. Man, I'm hoping that Orc-P, Rabbit-P or Mermaid-P wins those three are my favorite so far. Let the bloodbath begin and good luck voters.

  3. “could happen”? That's good. I was worried that I missed something, and some of my favorite princesses lost their chance.

    Will princesses who are currently in supporting, non-reign roles, like Dreider or Mimic Princess, have a chance of being recruitable if they win the polls?

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