v0.12.6 Released!

The new version is out for the Patrons, now we’ll get straight to v0.13 and Mouse Princess!



  • Added Fairy Princess adult scene!
  • Insect Princess adult animation #1 added!
  • Desert Princess adult animation #1 added!
  • “Milking Time!” quest added!
  • “Fairy Legs” quest added!
  • 11 maid costumes (Human,Slime,Golem,Insect,Skeleton,Desert,Ghost,Goblin,Moth,Cat,Dog) added!
  • Moth Progeny added!
  • Insect Progeny added!
  • Desert Progeny added!
  • All 3 races added to the Progeny Simulator too!
  • New NPCs added (R-005TY, Jokul and Jozzlyn)
  • Kobold route greatly expanded!
  • A lot of new portraits!
  • A lot of new sprites!
  • Skeleton Princess has a new BGM!
  • Several bugs and typos fixed.


  1. Hey, I'm new to this game, and I think I've run into a bug or something. Is there some place I could go to report that or maybe get some help fixing it? It is kind of game breaking and I really don't want to have to start over.

  2. have you ever thought of doing work streams, of you or the others working on the game?

  3. My first child was sired by the wolf in the Sperm Collector 1 quest….

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