Welcome to “Princess & Conquest” new website!!

Most of the previously locked content is now disabled until we’ve dealt with the lawsuit sent against us, to avoid confusion!

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Since our Patreon page is down we’ll be working on the game without being crowdfunded until we’re able to put it back online.

However, if you’d like to help sustain our livelihood until then, consider making a donation!

Or tipping us in here, without expecting anything in exchange but ramblings and eternal gratitude!

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Thanks to new tools released by Patreon this place is much, MUCH, more than just a blog!
It is, in fact, directly linked to Patreon. What does it mean?

  • all the content (pictures, animations, download links) will be hosted here, not in our Patreon page, to benefit of a much better and customizable interface!
  • there’s Patron-only posts in here too!
  • At the very least, I won’t ever be forced again to edit/delete the posts I spent hours working on.

To connect your Patreon account to these pages you just need to be logged in your Patreon account and/or click on one of the many  “Become a Patron” banners!

After successfully logging in with your Patreon account you will be allowed to check the Patron-only posts, with artworks, download links and all sorts of stuff!

Use the  button to the left to navigate through the most useful links!

More informations on the tools used in the site are here.

REBRAND: Princess & Conquest!

We’re currently rebranding the game, the new title is Princess & Conquest and we’re also changing the look of the main girls!

Here’s the progress status:

Main Princesses

Secondary Princesses


  1. Hey there, so i downloaded your game, but when i started it i was missing the gothic fonts. an issue i have resolved, only now the audio when making choices is gone and the game cant start without it, The file is Audio/SE/Cursor2.

    1. It seems like you’re missing the libraries. Google RTP VX Ace files and install it.

      1. thanks for your reply, i had the files, i just hadn’t extracted them. Silly me c:

  2. This might sound weird, but what does actually buying the game on itch.io actually GET you? Does it give all the patreon content as it gets released? Is it only the preview free version? I don’t see a listing anywhere for what’s featured in it.

    1. Buying the game on Itch.io gets you access to all the Early Access versions released from that point onward!

  3. I had bought the game months back, but I don’t see it in my itch.io app anymore. Is it because it going into development as of now?

  4. Uh hey, an anon found out that the battle voice sound clips used in the game are from DMC4 and is threatening to contact capcom about them. You might want to think about replacing them or getting rid of them to avoid legal repercussions, if you haven’t alreayd

  5. Uh oh. Was the one you didn’t want to point finger at, the Patreon itself? Seeing as they blocked your page just now..
    Could you please post even a short update what happened?

  6. I’m interested in possibly becoming a patron from all the little info I could gather, but I can’t really find much information about the game in its current state and it’s a little confusing. Apparently there are several versions of the game around, one with and one without nsfw content? I’m trying to download the latest public release from here to check the game out but it says “Page no found”. Any insight and help is appreciated.

    1. nvm, fixed. Have $10. Any updates on what’s going on with the patreon page?

      1. More annoying legal stuff to deal with. Until we’re done everything will be shown for free in here.

  7. Hey so I’m kinda wondering given I kinda stopped support (and completely forgot to re-support) around 0.12.5, would there be a way to get either 0.13 or 0.14? Cause both links in this blog are 404s and while I won’t mind waiting till I can preorder the game itself if no one can give me the files I kinda would like to see what has happened with the Kobold line, that and my current apparently stopped working, causing a CTD if one of the princesses lose a fight. Please and thank you.

    1. v0.12.5 is so old!
      Consider supporting us, because v0.15 (and v0.16 following it shortly) will be something completely new for you!
      I’ll do my best to have you guys try the new update out as soon as possible!

      1. Honestly re-supporting, and the message you sent through patreon, is why I even remembered the game and I’m asking for a newer version. Above all though, please take your time, I’m planning on preordering the game when I get the chance and honestly I’m more than happy to wait to see just what is new with the Kobold princess.

  8. Sooo, I have a problem that whenever I click on Buy Girls Back in the brothel and I have the slime princess in, it crashes the game and says
    “Script ‘cache’ line 197: RGSSError occurred.
    failed to create bitmap”
    What would you suppose I do?

      1. Also, where should I report bugs or ask questions about the game because I don’t want to spam these comments with questions? Why am I up at three talking about this, i have no clue.

  9. Certainly is somewhat upsetting to see this lawsuit still on the go. Once it’s all done and dusted I’ll be sure to give my support through patreon as I have been doing till now. Would patrons and other supporters be able to acquire an email once the game is back up? I’d love to play again but unfortunately a daily visit to the site isn’t on everyone’s to-do list.

    1. Either you go live in a place without internet, or the day the Patreon comes back online you’ll know it!

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