The Legend of Skelda – Chapter 4

Continued from Chapter 3

You decide to rest in Frog Princess’ Pond!

The Lily’s Pad will appear in the main game as you play Frog Princess’ adult scene.

The Lily’s Pad the Princess offered looked comfortable at first glance and Skelda was too tired to move any further, so you probably decided for the best…
The two of you qickly prepared for a good night of sleep, sure to see eachother’s face again the day after…

… or not.

Frog Princess is a frog. Skelda is a moth.
They matched perfectly, it was too much even for the usually good-willed Frog Princess!

You slept quite soundly and, as you woke up and glanced to your side…

Skeldaaaa! Not again!

Thanks to *frog magic* Skelda is now a ghost lady! Cute, sure, despite being a little grey.
But who wouldn’t feel a little down after dying again?!

Speechless you… thank… Frog Princess as you head out from the Pond.

Cheeky brat…


You can now sleep in Frog’s Pond for free! Each night one of your insect or moth Progeny will get *magically* transformed into a ghost or skeleton!

The Lily’s Pad is already fully functional, it will be working in next version~

Look forward for Skelda‘s next adventures! Things sure are fun in the Towergirls Kingdom!

Continues in Chapter 5

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