Team expansion~

Hello everyone!

We’re defining the final details but yes, finally I’m free to hire new team members!

3 new artists are about to join us: the first one will be working on portraits and costumes (see below), then there’s a new animator and the team will also get its hands on a concept artist/creative guy!

That should cover for all our needs regarding artworks, but I’ll probably look for a second writer too in a little.
Still WIP, but good WIP

Hopefully this way we’ll get a constant stream of artworks, dialogues and animations to use in the game, and the development speed will proceed at the programmer’s pace (mine :P).

The “Tribal Warrior” costume above is the first of the “Battlesuits“, costumes you can get ingame that will improve a Princess’ battle abilities and stats… in various ways!
All the playable Princesses (Kobold, Human, Slime, Golem, Insect, Skeleton, Desert, Ghost, Goblin, Moth, Cat, Dog, Mouse, Rabbit) will get one!

The latest stretchgoal reached on Patreon~

I will soon have more stuff to show, in the meantime enjoy the updated Gallery (you can also reach it from “Menu“, by the top-left corner), with January artworks included. Mouse Princess full animation is in there~!

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