Next Princesses showcase! Wyvern and Field Princess (also known as BEST BOI Princess)!

Time to show more of the 2 next recruitable members of Towergirls Kingdom Conquest!

Now that Rabbit Princess is around the corner with v0.14, we’ll starting to prepare the next two girls, to release them together or, at least, very close to eachother.
There WILL be a v0.15 and a v0.16 though, even if they were to be set apart by only a couple weeks or so!

Field Princess

“Hailed as the idol of the Endless Fields, the Princess is worshipped by its Kingdom countless farmers”

A highly populated reign, the Endless Fields produce most of the grain in the Kingdom and the Princess is usually quite happy to share it with the neighbours! The farmers and the Cloth Golems protecting the fields are weak in battle, but if war ensues… someone is going to starve.

Location: Endless Fields, Northern Region of the Kingdom

Reign’s main feature: Harvests and scarecrows!

Gameplay addition: Sex changes, “population” mechanics

Main Dowry

It will be used to swap the sex of the Progeny AND of Princesses!


Wyvern Princess

“Unrelated to the dragon sisters, she lives a lonely life soaring the skies over the peaks where the Auroral Fortress is built

A solitary Princess, a being that lies between the earth-dwelling Princesses and the mighty dragons. Unable to join the highest ranks of the draconic Princesses she wishes for everyone to share her fate.

Location: Auroral Fortress, Southern Region of the Kingdom

Reign’s main feature: –

Gameplay addition: Dragon Progeny, flying

Main Dowry

Princesses will get “draconic features“! Dragon tails, heads, horns… the transformed parts will vary!



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