New mechanics! Let’s talk Game Modes.

Sorry for the radio silence as of lately, I was busy trying to make some (pretty drastic) changes to the game, mostly about customization options and replayability. Let’s start!

Custom Princesses

It is now possible to choose, at the beginning of the game, if you want the main girls to have randomized looks, the classic ones or to be a mixed bag!

That works for all of them, provided their race has a Progeny, that’s why we’ll be focusing on those a little more starting in June.

I’m also glad to announce that we’ll be adding a Royal Dragon Progeny, to make it possible for the dragons to have countless new looks too!
I know there’s a lot of you that wanted this to happen, so… why not.

To add even more variability, some features a Princess with an alternative look has, will be reflected on how her Reign behaves!

A Spider-like Insect is even more aggressive and will declare wars more easily, a Mouse with a mechanical arm has an increased Diplomacy score with the golems, a fully transformed Succubus increases the overall Kingdom Lewdness while at the same time making it easier for the Knight to have sex with her!

Knight’s Traits

At the beginning of the game (either if you skip the intro or play it) you can also decide what kind of Knight you are going to be during that playthrough. There’s currently 9 options:

  • [Default] Human Knight: +2 Affinity with reigns ruled by a Human Princess (default: Human and Desert)
  • Battle-Ready: +1 Strength and +1 Agility
  • Stud Knight: +1 Endurance and +2 Kingdom Lewdness
  • Pacifist Knight: +1 Intelligence and +1 Diplomacy between all reigns
  • Monster Lover: +2 Affinity with reigns ruled by a Monster Princess (default: Slime, Insect, Goblin and Moth)
  • Beast Lover: +2 Affinity with reigns ruled by a Beast Princess (default: Cat, Mouse and Rabbit)
  • Undead Lover: +2 Affinity with reigns ruled by an undead Princess (default: Golem, Skeleton and Ghost)
  • Wealthy Knight: Start the game with 1 additiona, random, dowry
  • Prince Knight: +1 Relationship with all the girls

More will surely come.

So far some of the categories don’t have the definitive roster, until the final lineup of 20 girls is decided I’ll try to keep things balanced.
Insects might leave Monsters and become a category of its own if it gets another entry (might happen with Drider, considering she’s getting her own Progeny) and a Demon family also has some chances of appearing.

But this isn’t everything!

If you chose to have some Princesses to be randomized, there might be changes to the above bonuses.

If Goblin gets a hairy and sturdy Bugbear body she also counts as a Beast (you get +2 Affinity with her even if you chose “Beast Lover”).
If Desert is a succubus or a satyr she doesn’t count as a Human anymore (you won’t get +2 Affinity with her even if you chose “Human Knight”).

Princess & Conquest

Dynamic Princesses, looking differently from the charts, growing a plethora of children of many different races, this is FAR beyond what the original concept included, that’s why we thought it would be better to do the switch now before it’s too late.

The game will change its name to Princess & Conquest, there will be a complete rebrand, severing any connection with the former IP and avoiding any possible future legal issue that would endanger the development.

The normal mode will be called “Conquest Mode“, while the Princess/Castle management one will be called “Princess Mode“.

Nothing about the game will change, but the Princesses will get new looks (while keeping the same style)!

To summarize:

  • Gameplay and coding won’t be touched
  • Events and dialogues won’t be touched
  • Progeny and NPCs won’t be touched
  • Music won’t be touched
  • The Princesses “classic” look will change
  • There will be a big icon/UI overhaul
  • Progeny will also get costumes (is necessary now that there’s “randomized” princesses)
  • Most races will get their own Progeny, unlocking the “randomization” for the Princess too
  • The costumes we have now will become available again immediately after the Princess’ rework
  • The animations will be changed to adapt to the Princess’ new looks

There’s work to do, but I’m happy I’ve recieved the approval of the Team when I made this proposal, it became hard to focus on making a sexy game while having to deal with lawyers and notaries.

Right after the Drider Progeny gets done we’ll begin to show the new looks for the girls, stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks for the update! Glad to hear the game is still progressing in spite of the legal hassles.

    The additions/changes sound awesome!

  2. Glad you’re doing this instead of having the project incomplete, just wondering though, how are you going to handle future additions of princesses? Will you simply add them in by race?

  3. Sounds perfect, I’m glad you adapted to keep making an awesome game. My only question is if the Princesses getting new looks but keeping the style means something like they change colors and appearance but keeping the proportions?

    1. You will be able to access it as you start a new playthrough in v0.15

  4. Do you have an ETA when the next version will come out?

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