Spiders, Breeding and Koboldsomes!

As you know, we’re taking a little time to rework the girls of the cast, but while the artists are working I’m also adding and changing stuff you might want to know about!
Let’s talk about all of this while waiting for Princess & Conquest to go live with its first release!

Princess Rework

Right after working on the Drider Progeny, promised for this month, we started reworking all the main cast in our own way, also together with a new member of the Team, Eversor!

In just 3 days Human and Skeleton have been dealt with, we’ll work to keep things moving smoothly like this.
The aim is to make new characters, while keeping the same feeling the old ones used to have!

  • Kobold: In Progress
  • Human: Completed
  • Slime: In Preparation
  • Golem: In Preparation
  • Insect: Not Started
  • Skeleton: Completed
  • Desert: Not Started
  • Ghost: Not Started
  • Goblin: Not Started
  • Moth: Not Started
  • Cat: Not Started
  • Dog: Not Started
  • Mouse: Not Started
  • Rabbit: Not Started

I know you’d like to see dem previews, we’ll likely release the remade Kobold, Human, Slime, Golem and Skeleton for Patrons to see by the end of the month.

Drider Progeny

There’s now a bunch of spiders waiting to hatch, while you Princess & Conquest around the Kingdom!

4000+ different looks for the new race of Progeny! Keep them away from frogs. Please.


You heard it!
Egg laying races (kobolds, insects, moths, driders and… dragons) won’t give birth to living Progeny anymore, the Knight will instead recieve an Egg of said race that will need some time to hatch!

Dear will provide you with what you need in order for your Eggs to hatch: an Egg Incubator that will (initially) allow you to incubate 5 eggs, of any race, at the same time.

Breeding & Rebreeding in Princess & Conquest

Just like Mendel taught, but now done properly!

Before, only breeding with the 1st generations was possible, and the offsprings you got that way could already differ greatly from their own mothers.
Now, through Breeding & Rebreeding, selective breeding becomes possible!

You can choose, between all the Progeny you get from one of the girls, your favourite one, so that the following generations will look like the new mother you chose this way!

You get a rare variety or coloration of a monster (like the human/spider hybrid in gen IV in the picture down here)? If you breed her it will be much easier to get another of the same rare variety!

Eons of breeding later…

This is just the surface of it all, the mechanics underlying the patterns of transmissions of said features will try to simulate as closely as possible what happens in real life.

A brief plunge into madness:

The KoboldSome (Kobold Chromosome)

This will SURELY be included in the instructions manual upon release.

I’ve planned the features to be placed on a single (for now, as long as we have less than ~10 different characters to be inherited) chromosome, for each race.

To keep things even simpler there won’t be one for the Knight, let’s assume he’s some kind of universal breeder, that doesn’t influence the offsprings. In short, this means only the mother will influence the Progeny you get.

By placing the different features on a chromosome you can determine how often 2 characters are transmitted together.

Looking at the one for kobolds you can see that horn and tail shape often go together, this can be good if you want to keep or change both, but it makes it really difficult to keep one, while changing the other!

This isn’t a mechanic that will require too much time to implement, I can deal with it with a couple algorithms at most, but I strongly believe that fun and impredictable things can happen only if you try to follow as close as possible what happens in real life.

Let’s put that degree to use, finally.

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