Fields Reign: Harvests and Tests of Courage

Summer is upon us, time for courage tests and sweaty, hot, summer nights!

The Fields Reign is now officially on its way, it will host more than one Princess and in the events happening in there have been on a notebook of mine since months, finally I’m able to see it become a reality!

Here’s the first preview of some of the maps, still work in progress, obviously.

The ruler of this new reign has a huge following of burly and manly farmers. While dirty poor they’re a force to be reckoned while fighting to defend their princess!

But the Princess is troubled by something at the beginning of the game, and will refuese to meet anyone!

While the Fields Reign is pretty peaceful and in good terms with their neighbours they’re still in the Northern part of the Kingdom, there’s skeletons and other mean creatures that could see it as a sweet treat~
If things stays like this the reign will be trampled by the first army sieging them.

Fields of Gold~

The solution for the princess’ troubles could be found in the endless Scarecrow Fields, but will the Knight be able to keep his word, while facing its many perils and temptations?

Who should rule the Fields Reign? This time it may be up to the Knight to decide it.

Music comes from inside?

That’s not all we worked on and have yet to show!

The ice Dragoness finally has her own ending, and Royal Dragons in general will get their own new Progeny next month, together with Lamias!

Finally, the crazyness of monster chromosomes (MonsterSomes?) continues! I’ve just finished reworking the character transmission for the first 6 races, now what happens is close to what would happen with a (single) real chromosome with genes located in it and such~

This new system makes obtaining the Progeny you want a little harder, since they’re bound to look closer to their mother’s, but now you can scientifically pursue the perfect look for you!

We should be able to show the new Kobold, Human, Slime and Skeleton tomorrow or the day after! Stay tuned!

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