Princess Rework showtime! Kobold, Human, Slime and Harvest!

Time to show off our new girls to the public!

We worked on the first 4 girls in around 10 days. We’re very proud of all of them, I hope you’ll come to like the new characters as we do!

All of them share a shiny gemmed crown and a more refined look and their dresses can be worn also by their Heirs or by custom Princesses!

How we decided on the new designs is explained with the needed details in their respective posts, we are sharing these first 4 with everyone, then publish the full roster to the public only when all the girls will be dealt with (Patrons will be updated regularly instead)!

By that time v0.15 of Princess & Conquest, starring Harvest Princess, will release!


The Kobold


The Human


The Slime


The “Girl”

Additionally, Skeleton is almost ready, she only needs all her extras (crown, dresses for the NPCs and stuff like that).

As promised, there won’t be any cut content, we’re already working (approximately day and night) to transfer the old costumes on the new Princesses, while working on the new girls!

The next ones that will be made in the first half of June should be Golem, Desert, Goblin and one between Mouse or Rabbit! Their concepts are really something, we can’t wait to show them too~

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  1. Oh, they actually look really good! I really like the “Girl”. “she” looks adorable!

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