Princes and Princesses of the Harvest Reign!

My my, this place works the other way around.

Most of the subjects in the Harvest Reign are burly, manly, farmers, but the Harvest royal family has genes that carry feminine features in them. Maybe the royals came from somewhere else? Are they 100% human? Who knows…

For starters, characters are inherited differently from the other humans.

One main difference between the inhabitants of the Harvest Reign and the rest of the Kingdom is that newborns aren’t randomly female or male.

Females are rarely born from the royal lineage and the males, while pretty girly, wouldn’t be admitted to the girl-only meetings the other Princesses hold to chat about politics and stuff!

That’s why it’s tradition for them to hide their true nature by dressing and acting like a girl, always keeping the royal item, the Cardinal Bell, well hidden in their pockets.

Just a ring of the Bell can change the sex of the target in an instant! Useful in dire situations.
This item will be available in the game, useful to change the sex of any Progeny and, as we finish working on their portraits, other Princesses!

Have a taste!

You can’t tell apart males from females? Well, that means it’s working as intended.

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