Bumpkins and Pumpkins of the Harvest Reign!

You think we were done with the new reign? There’s much more to show, without spoiling what’s happening behind the scenes!

The Scarecrow Fields around the Harvest Village are so so vast, to the point that, long before the Knight’s visit, the royal family had to resort to golems to guard them from enemies and to make it easier for the farmers to work the land.

That’s an… extreme windmill! Who could have built it?

The Scarecrows are their special golems and combat units, while most of the men in the reign are employed as Farmers!

The loyal and the mindless servant of the Harvest’s Royal Family!

These guys are not among the brightest sparks in the fire, but they get the work done and are loyal to their very core to the Princess, albeit for different reasons!

One of the Harvest Princesses of the past even managed to end the war for the Scarecrow Fields with the pumpkins!
Since then everything around there was peaceful, the people worked hard to keep the reign afloat and the harvests never failed to deliver.

In the meantime, shrowded by the wheat fields, something started to move under the surface of the Harvest Reign.

Simple-minded and weak humans controlling armies of golems and monsters?
Having said creatures work and guard the land during nighttime while their “masters” are comfortably resting in their beds?

What if, on top of that, someone discovered that the Reign’s Princess isn’t actually a “she“?

Then THAT guy arrives and ruins it for everyone!

Good things never last, and a pumpkin with an above average intelligence can easily rile up his companions to lift the forks against Harvest Princess!

Down with the deceiver!

Humans cannot rule over the Scarecrow Fields!

I’m tired! Can’t someone else do it?!

A true Princess should lead us and the Harvest Reign!

“A new Princess! A new Princess!”

This is the final preview for the Harvest Reign, I don’t think I missed anything, but there’s more characters that you’ll be able to discover only by playing v0.15! I really hope you’ll enjoy it, the Team is working really hard to deliver something enjoyable!

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