Animations Update!

Glad to announce that everything is ready for 2 more races to get lewded in game!


This animation comes in 2 versions, big and small (the previewed one) breasts and 5 different colours (white, purple grape, green grape, red grape and brown), for a total of 10 different animations!


Slimes instead come in the Leg (see preview) and Goo bottom versions, and the 4 different colours you can find ingame slimes, for a total of 8 different animations!

These animations are used when the Knight has sex with random NPCs he can find in the Kingdom of Princess & Conquest of while having sex with Custom Princesses!

Either if you want to build a lewder Kingdom (perfectly feasible if using and abusing the Kingdom Lewdness stat) or fight to protect your one and only Princess, all of that will be possible in v0.15, that won’t be late and release this summer!

And now, a preview of the next one:

It’s the curvaceous Human Princess, as promised!

Next are Mouse and Insect, with their new looks!

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    1. Oh, nevermind, found the issue. I’m fixing all the old posts right now, they should be back up in under an hour.

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