Development Update – 28/06!

About time for a new development update! They will be kept free until v0.15 is ready.

The development of the Harvest Reign is proceeding smoothly and we’re close to have all the pre-recruiting events ready. TAGM just finished working on the main BGM for the place too, but a second one is already in the making! You can play it by using the music menu to the bottom left of these pages and choosing “Harvest Festival!

There’s many hidden secrets in this completely new and apparently peaceful reign, including a new Princess hidden somewhere! This new girl isn’t just a cameo, but is already a very important addition to the new release and I can already see her becoming one of the favourites for many!

Now, back to the actual dev talk: in the past month I’ve changed a lot about how the game works:

  • Wealth  has been completely reworked, it won’t raise overtime anymore and is a VERY important stat to keep in check during war times, being one of the few ways for a reign to sustain drawn out wars without losing Population!
  • Population  is a thing! There are now new ways to gain and lose population for a reign.
    Reaching 0 Population will inevitably mean RUIN!
Reaching 0 Wealth or having no access to food sources will make a Reign lose Population every minute. If both conditions are true the Population will drop even faster!
  • Food Sources are now important and the only way for the living to not lose population over time. Usually Harvest Princess provides for everybody, but there’s already ways for FAMINE to strike the Kingdom!In order for a reign to become independent from Harvest’s farms, at least 1 between these conditions has to be met:
  1. The Princess is an Undead
  2. The Reign controls the Holstaur Farm

A second Food Source will be added soon, this time in the Southern part of the Kingdom.

Harvest Princess is at war with cats and slimes! No food for them!
  • MonsterSomes are now live! The new system to transmit characters to the following generations works perfectly! This means that not only the 1st generation will be breedable and that the Progeny you get from the Princesses or NPCs will look like the mother!
    You will be able to breed and select for the characteristics you prefer, getting closer and closer to the Progeny perfect for YOU!

  • While waiting for the new Items Icons I’ve reworked the gifting system: most items’ effect has been improved and only a limited amount of gifts will be accepted daily by the Princesses!For example now the Frog’s Viscous Water will have a different effect for each Princess!
    Harvest Princess may use it to fertilize the fields and get better crops, the insects could use it to grow their numbers even further while the slimes might have a VERY special use for such slimy waters!
  • Lamia Progeny has been added! You’ll be able to meet them around the Kingdom as NPCs in the hot seasons (Bloomspring and Heatfall), but not during the colder ones (Bitterleaf and Chillbite) or after rainy days!
    You can obtain Lamias only after you help their Princess out (or by resurrecting undead Progeny and praying the RNG gods)!

Have a free lamia! We have many more where this one came from!

There’d be still more to show: a lot of new areas, updated UIs and new quests, but let’s leave them for another time, this much will do for now!


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