New Princess Announcement!


I hinted a couple weeks ago about a second Princess hidden inside the Harvest Reign, well… here she is!

Scarecrow Princess

You think Harvest Princess is a softie? That s/he’s unfit to the role?

Well, this is your lucky day!

Join forces with the PumpKing and overthrow (or take with you) Harvest Princess! Finally the Harvest Reign will have a competent ruler.

Make the fields great again, with Scarecrow Princess!

While not currently recruitable there’s much she can do already!
(Like usual, what I’m showing right now is currenly in the game, not a feature we’ll include in future)

  • Class: Undead 🢂 Undead/Monster
  • Special Ability: Starvation

She starts as a pure Undead, just like Golem Princess (while Skeleton and Ghost are often Undead/Human or Undead/Monster in some occasions) but she has a second form that changes her into an Undead/Monster.

While it’s hard to get along with a simple Undead, doing so with an Undead/Monster is close to impossible. Expect her to hate/be hated by most of the cast!

What happens if she doesn’t like someone? She makes sure they starve!

She controls the fields around the Harvest Reign, that equals to controlling most of the food in the Kingdom!

If she raises to power no other reign would dare lift a finger against her and the living will lose population every day, unless they control other sources of food, until they fall to ruin!

The Knight will have to stop her from running wild… or enjoy seeing the Kingdom getting emptier by the day, that’s for you to choose.

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