June Galleries!!

Getting there~

I had to resize everything down and that’s just some of the stuff in there! This month was probably one of the most satisfying with all the new Princesses, menus and updated progenies!

Princess & Conquest gallery is available to 5$+ Patrons!
Princess Mode and its gallery are available only to 10$+ Patrons!

You can access both the galleries from the  to the left!

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  1. Guh, i cant wait till i get a copy of 0.15, all these previews and im still playing 14.3 haha, is there a road map of planned features i can look at or dare i make a suggestion for one? and can you sleep with your progeny’s? if this is the wrong place to ask, just point me the way

  2. You can see all the Princesses that still need to be done in this site’s Homepage! We’re getting back working on them tomorrow, we should be able to deal with them all by the end of the month!

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