Celebrating the new month! Public Art update!

Time for a recap episode!

Most of the cast got its new upgraded looks and is ready for the first release of Princess & Conquest, happening during August!

We worked on the secondary (non recruitable) Princesses HARD this month, and the results were waaay better than what we could expect.

The 4 remaining ones are getting added in August.

From here you can access all the release posts:

Main Princesses

Secondary Princesses

And now let’s show a preview of some of the secondary Princesses I’ve yet to show!

Faun Princess

Always tipsy (or more), she’s the inkeep of the Faun’s Tavern, one of the most important places in the game!

She needs adult content HARD and we will give her what she needs soon!

Mimic Princess

A perfectly normal Princess stuck in a perfectly normal chest.

She needs to get scolded HARD and we will give her what she needs soon!

We have also added sprites for the many of the different races you can find in the game, there’s hundreds of them so all the NPCs / Progeny will end up looking in the overworld map as their portrait does.

We finished just now the Succubi/Satyrs/Desert dwellers, for a grand total of 75 sprite sheets for them alone. Now we’re working on the golems, then all the playable races will have their own unique sprites!

Right after golems we will add new ones for dragons, lamias and driders. This way all the races with a Progeny will have the right sprite for the right portrait~

I’m also preparing a new area, the Hunter’s Terrace, that will be placed inside the Cats Reign and will host martial artists, hot tubs and only the most skilled hunters in the Kingdom!

Still WIP, but will make for a great addition!

I’ll make a short video of the place soon, as I finish polishing the map and bugtesting the Harvest Reign, look forward to it!

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