Costumes System updated!

Time for another challenge! We’ll deal with the most of it during this month, so just enjoy the ride!

Why we had to make these changes is very simple:

  • We made a lot of costumes
  • We made Princesses able to look different in thousands ways

For these reasons (and because I thought it’d be cute) we had to make costumes wearable by everyone!

Kobolds already have everything in place!

Of course this whole deal means you will be able to use either the Classic or Custom Princesses and have their costumes be shown in every occasion!.
But that’s just the entrance of the rabbit hole: we’ll be able to play around A LOT MORE with NPCs!

Filling the prison with NPCs wearing their race’s prisoner outfit?

Having soldiers with custom looks AND the battlesuits?

Having events starring the Princesses and their maids?

Scantily dressed succubi in the tavern at night?

Mouse construction workers?

Different clothing habits for cold/hot seasons?

Richer reigns having a wider choice, while the poor ones will be able to wear only the default or worn-out looking ones?

I could go on all day, and I’m sure our Patrons will be able to give us a lot of good ideas, like usual.

With this new addition every new area, event or costume we add to the game will be more important than ever and I, but I believe I can talk on behalf of the whole team, can’t wait to see where this will lead us to.

“Yeah, but where’s the vaganas?!”

You’re right, this is a game about sexing monstergirls afterall, so let’s get back to it.
While Akai keeps working on new animations and on editing the old ones to fit the new looks of the Princesses (he’s about finished with the 2 animations for Mouse Princess), the new pixel artist we hired,

in 2 days,

worked on more animations for kobolds, moths, insects and dogs! I’ll show the new additions to the Patrons, in tonight’s next post.

In this couple of days we worked on more than 20 different animations that will be played during NPCs sexy times and we plan to add even more meat to v0.15 (ETD is still this August), until we have at least 1 animation (many will have more) for every single race!

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