Operation: “fug them all” continues

Moving on many fronts, here!
Just in case you’ve missed it, v0.15 will be released in Early Access on the 30th of August!
The full changelog will be published soon, this new vesion will include:
The complete changelog will be posted here before the 30th, writing everything down will require some serious work! For now, let’s show something sweet!
  • A third pixel animator/editor will join the team soon and here’s the preview of a cool set of animations for ghost NPCs he’s working on, the one shown being for transparent ghosts!

  • Akai just finished working on the remade animations for Mouse and will now move onto Insect, while adding one completely new animation for both!

  • Fleshbean will deliver a large batch of them very soon too (dragons, MORE dragons, skeletons and mice)!

This was the latest of Flesh’s batches, with more than 20 animations added to our pool!

With this many new animations I’ve found myself looking around for NPCs much more than before, cursing the many wars happening in the debug savefile for stopping most of the cute monstergirls from visiting the various places in the Kingdom: the usual meeting places were almost empty, with 1-2 visitors at most.

The skeletons’ dance club had the usual skeleton dancers, but no actual customer. That’s got to be bad for business.

With this, I think we’re ready to proceed with August Animation Poll!

On the sprites department: golems are ready! All the main races have custom sprites now, we’re just missing the ones for races that have a Progeny, but aren’t playable yet (dragons, driders and lamias)!

I’ll go back working on one of the new scenes we’ve added (Mouse X Goblin Princess counseling at the Campsite), everything got to be ready for the 30th~!


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  1. Oh man I can not help feeling giddy it all looks very promising 😀 Ihope nothing will goes wrong or something sinister will happen to delay the deadline 🙂
    *Knocks on wood for luck*

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