Penso che un sogno cosi non ritorni mai più ♫

Hello boys and girls! From now, until the Patreon page goes back online, all the posts in here will be public!

The first thing I’m going to show is the brand new ability our next Princess, Wyvern, will get:


Pretty straightforward, huh?
But let’s take a look to all the advantages traveling on a wyvern’s back has!

Do not mind the sprite, while all the ~40 models of dragons have a walking AND a flying animation, this is just a placeholder for the Princess’ definitive one.

  • Better mobility and moving over obstacles in world maps!

Only downsides, you have to land on a place you can walk over AND there will be a stamina bar added soon!

  • Reaching places you can’t normally reach (without boats of magic fairies)!
  • Easier North/South border crossing!

After working on the stamina bar and on all the needed “shortcuts” you can use while flying, I’ll show you something more about all the new areas added and a bit more lore regarding Wyvern!


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