Sailors, whales and Princesses

Remember how we talked about the the reign’s placement just a couple days ago?

After the Underground World Map from last time, there’s already more to show!

This new map will work as the HUB for some of the marine Princesses we’ll surely see in future updates! Don’t expect to travel normally trought it though, you’ll need a Princess that’s able to swim or to have what’s needed to dive built for you!

Wyverns and dragons cannot fly underwater~

The new Bay World Map can host at least 2 more Princesses! I’ve already got several ideas in mind for them, but of course we’ll have to tailor those on the Princess that wins the poll for that spot!

What’s sure is that the Sea Reign will be a civilized one, mostly peaceful  and will also control the Port. The reign will be considered sieged if there’s enemies in the Port’s area, but until then the enemies of the Sea Reign will be kept out of the whole Bay area and its facilities.

The Deep Sea Reign instead will be way less friendly and civilized. The soldiers of this reign will move underwater and emerge only when close to their enemies’ capital!
For this reason they will be able to wage war only to reigns that are close to sea or rivers (they don’t really care about the rest of the Kingdom above)! If they manage to win that war they’ll raze the place, that will become a Ruin and won’t be occupied by anybody for the rest of the playthrough!

And then there’s the Wrecked Ship and just so much stuff to push into a single area… well, let’s see who wins the next poll and stop fantasizing for now~

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    1. Princess Mode will be added as development continues, now that we’re done with the rebrand we still have to wait until after the lawsuit (hopefully) reaches a resolution that goes in our favor. That’s what we expect to happen, anyway.

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