MonsterWorld Poll!

Time to pick the best monsterworld and then to choose between its girls!
I’ve drawn new world maps to be used, I plan to fill them with all kinds of cute monsters, but first I’d like to know your preferences. For future reference, ya know?
I plan to keep making monstergirls games in future, and I learnt a lot about them since I started, but now I would like, once again, to know what clicks with my audience!
We’ll start with broad groups, lists that divide them by their habitat or other categorizations, then we’ll see who’s the most loved one in the winning group!
The winner takes it all.
The poll is being held on my tipjar account. While we’ll keep working on the game for free what you pledge in there will surely do wonders to sustain our livelihood!

And now some examples for the categories:
  • Sea/Beach

shallow water fishes, turtles, amphibians, mermaids, sea birds, sea mammals, crocs, marine plant monsters, kappas, water elementals…

  • Underground/Tunnel

gnomes, dwarves, mushrooms, bats, molemen, worms, pigs, armadillos, badgers and other burrowing mammals, minerals&gems, earth elementals…
  • Hell/Volcano/War Furnaces

demons, devils, imps, satyrs, phoenixes, ogres, trolls, onis, orcs, orks, redcaps, fire elementals…
  • Jungle/Wilderness

felynes, elephants, monkeys and other wild mammals, dinosaurs, tropical birds, amazons, plant monsters, cyclopes, giants, minotaurs and other beastmen…
  • Abyss/Sunken Ruin

deep water fishes, cetaceans, crustaceans, sea serpents, sea monsters, jellyfishes, squids, sharks, other marine horrors…
  • Altitude/Heaven

soaring birds, griffins, chimerae, goats, angels and other sacred beings, quetzacotles, cloud/wind elementals…
  • Unholy/Occult

eldritch horrors, vampires, dolls, witches, jiangshis, zombies, animated objects and many other undead monsters…


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    1. Won’t get into details here, I’d like this place to keep being about the game only, but as soon as I can show results or a certain date I’ll probably tweet about it.

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