[Animation #62] Insect Princess #3

Dang, this little thing sure is popular!

Can’t really blame her fans…

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Since our Patreon page is down we’ll be working on the game without being crowdfunded until we’re able to put it back online.

However, if you’d like to help sustain our livelihood until then, consider making a donation!

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  1. So there isn’t a super great way to ask this but honestly? Is the Patreon being down going to essentially indefinitely postpone the next update as you can’t verify who is and isn’t a donar for the download?

    I’ve been following this game for a long time and a contributor for some time now, but man I was hyped for that new update last month and with the new issue of funding I find myself checking for updates less and less as I genuinely no longer expect to load the page and happily find the newest version live and ready to play.

    Like I get it if you want to wait for the issue to be resolved because financially it makes sense, but I’m just wondering if that’s happening? Be nice to know so we have a concrete reasoning behind the deadline being overshot this much.

    Like seriously I’m a major fan, no malace intended just curious?

    1. I think I’ve said pretty much everywhere, but saying it again won’t hurt.
      I’ve been sued (again) and I can’t and won’t release the game until I know it’s safe to do so.

      Hope this answers your question, I’m looking forward to the release as much as you do!

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