Dev Update – Kingdom Re-build

So many things are changing in the Kingdom, this extra time gave me the needed oxygen to look back at what we had and think of several ways to make it better. Let me show some of it today:

Traveling around the Kingdom

The Kingdom is BIG, and it’s only getting bigger and bigger with every addition, that’s why alternative routes and shortcuts felt like a must-have!

  • Flight

You have a dragon or wyvern Princess in your party? Well, lucky you! You can now fly past most obstacles!

  • The Sewers

Running under the civilized Northern region, they link many areas, from the Human Reign to Harvest’s!

A lot of stuff will happen under the surface, there’s already one new quest taking place in there!
  • The Sky Lift

The Church and the Sky Lift are buildings that belong to the powers of the Kingdom Above, there will be time to get to know who they are!

Only if your party is completely devoid of Corruption you will be allowed to use the Sky Lift!
The Kingdom Above looks so comfy and adventurous~

New Currency and HUD elements

If I can say so myself, compared to the old ones we were using this is a big upgrade and it’s incredible how these little changes improved the looks of the game so much.

New health bar and icons!
New skill bar!
New currency: swirly candies! They’re definitive name will be chosen soon.
The new HUD for the battle system looks much cleaner, even on an old map like the Pyramid!

Wyvern Princess

She’s already recruitable, able to get pregnant and can give birth to a lot of dragon eggs, we’ll be working on more post-recruting events for her now!

New Princess X Princess scenes

Rabbit X Harvest was added a short while ago and now it’s Cat X Insect turn!


We’re also overhauling our cast of monsters, there will be some creepy and cute ones to show in a little, stay tuned!

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  1. Any info when hearing or whatever will take place or meet any conclusion? I know it is annoying to you too, but it would be nice to know the date when we will learn something. You do have some dates, don’t you?

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