Ametrine, Crystal Princess

What would you do if the meteor you’re part of crashed on a new planet’s surface and that energy caused you to gain a conscious mind?

  • Declare yourself the Princess of the rock you’re stuck into
  • Do nothing all day
  • Be cute while doing so

Well, this girl does all 3!!


Ametrine, the Crystal Princess, is a living rock that came from outer space and caused this big hole on her way here…

…well, good for us, since that’s one of the few passages leading to the Kingdom Below!

Beware though, I’ve just flooded that cave-like part of the Kingdom with poisonous gas, you might want to take precautions!

Did you know? Slime, Golem, Skeleton and Ghost Princess take no damage from the poisonous fog of the Kingdom Below!

Oh no! I almost forgot! She has citrine nipples and belly-button! It’s important!

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