New! New! NEW STUFF!

Here’s a quick rundown to some of the new stuff added in the last couple days!

New Items

  • Fish Lungs

Want to get that sweet mermaid (or kraken) puss? Well, suit yourself! You need the Fish Lungs or a merfolk as party member!

  • Chika Wings

Now this is a top-tier item, as it lets the Knight fly around without a dragon or a wyvern in its party! To have it crafted you will need a lot of Swirlies  , Cogs and a tailfeather of a mighty bird you’ll meet soon!

New Traits

  • Stranded Knight – “Increased Affinity with merfolk and Fish Lungs as starting item. Decreased Affinity with everybody else.”
  • Testo-Monster “Sleep at different inns regularly to spread your masculinity around and increasing Kingdom Lewdness!”
  • Devil’s Advocate“Whenever a war is declared you gain Affinity with the reign declaring it”

New Quests

  • Down the drain! – “Help Frog Princess recover the dangerous ivy leaf that’s about to poison most of the Northern region’s water!”
The new eggs should also be coming in the next day or two! The kobold’s just got its updated look.

The traits and the items will be added to the Wiki as soon as we get new icons, and I should be able to get the Mechanics page back online soon.

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